Sunday, October 2, 2022

David Beckham was spotted crying near the Queen’s coffin after waiting in line for 12 hours to pay respects to the late monarch

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Cameras caught David Beckham crying near Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin after the former England football captain waited among thousands of people

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: After a 12-hour wait on Friday September 16, David Beckham wept in front of television cameras as he approached the Queen’s coffin. He held out his hand to offer his condolences after waiting in line with the assembled crowd.

The 47-year-old football icon, who was one of many to join the five-mile line, bought a box of donuts to share with the other mourners and was able to go undetected for hours thanks to their “mutual respect” for him. When the former England captain finally reached the end of the line, there was a changing of the guard, which he watched gravely as broadcast cameras followed him. Beckham, a father of four, was seen wiping the corners of his eyes and covering his mouth with his palm as he reached the head of the parade as he bided his time to pay his respects among the thousands. After waiting in line for 12 hours, Beckham arrived at the Queen’s coffin around 3.30pm. He bowed his head briefly before stepping forward to make room for those in front of him. “I assumed a 2am arrival would be quieter… I was wrong!” Beckham told ITV News.


David Beckham has queued 12 HOURS to pay his respects to the Queen, buying donuts from fellow mourners while standing in line

Funny reason Queen Elizabeth II decided NOT to make David Beckham her favorite footballer

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