Friday, January 20, 2023

Danny Elfman says the fear of death theme in White Noise made it a perfect project for him

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white noisese is officially available to stream on Netflix. It premiered at the Venice International Film Festival and was released in select theaters in November. The film, starring Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig, is based on Don DeLillo’s popular novel of the same name.

The film music was composed by Danny Elfman. His role received critical acclaim, although reviews of the film itself were mixed. But for Elfman, working on the score for White Noise was a breeze. Not only was he already a big fan of director Noah Baumbuch’s work, but the subject matter was right up his alley.

The plot of White noise based on the novel White noise, which was published in 1984. There are some differences in the film version of the story. For example, the children in the film are about five years older than in the novel. But the basic plot is the same: Professor Jack Gladney and his wife Babette must figure out how to get out of town with their children after a nearby train crash unleashed a cloud of toxic chemical waste over their town.

Before the chemical cloud forced the family to focus on their safety, they were dealing with typical everyday family drama. However, one theme ran through the whole story: Jack and Babette were both scared to death.

Although Elfman had not read the book when invited to speak with Baumbuch, he jumped at the opportunity. That was mostly because he was such a huge fan of the writer-director, who has worked on more than a dozen films. But he was also excited when Baumbuch told him something White noise was over.

“I’m like, ‘What is the movie about?'” Elfman said in a recent Netflix interview. “And he says, ‘Death and the agony. It’s your thing.”

Baumbach probably said this because of Elfman’s previous work. Elfman has written over 100 film scores. Many are collaborations with Tim Burton. Elfman composed music for Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, Batman, and Alice in Wonderland. Other impressive testimonials are Wednesday and all three Fifty shades movies.

Baumbuch’s hunch was right – this project was right up his alley for Elfman.

“I was already writing music for it without even seeing anything,” said Elfman, who immediately began making suggestions. He and Baumbuch worked closely together to ensure every scene was perfect. Elfman even knocked on the glass occasionally while watching the filming, and Baumbuch took his suggestions into account when editing scenes.

White noise is now on Netflix. But soon we will appreciate a new Elfman project. He created the film music for 65, a sci-fi film slated for release in March (and also happens to be starring Adam Driver).

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