Monday, October 3, 2022

Danger! Fans go wild after Ken Jennings accepted Emmett Stanton’s ‘illegible’ written response, allowing the 2-Day Champion to win

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Jennings said, “What is the Emancipation…” and then paused before saying “Proclamation,” while the 48-year-old presenter himself took time to read what contestant Emmett Stanton had written

CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA: The new season of ‘Jeopardy!’ The September 12 premiere was hosted by alum Ken Jennings until January 2023. On Monday, September 19, the game won, but with a Final Jeopardy response that fans said they couldn’t understand.

Ahead of the start of Season 39, Ken and actress Mayim Bialik were officially announced as the replacements for the late Alex Trebek. While Mayim has faced her criticism during her moderation, fans aren’t taking it lightly on Jennings either. Just a few days ago he got into a controversy when he allowed one player to correct his answer but banned another on Wednesday 14th September. Now fans are angry with him again because of the September 19 episode.


In week 2 of season 39 of Jeopardy! was the champion Emmett Stanton, a freelance writer from Baltimore, Maryland, who defeated five-time winner Luigi de Guzman on Friday, September 16. He returned on September 19 to defend his title against Suzanne Goss, an oncology advertising consultant from Brooklyn, and Jason Freeman, an events producer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The following points went into the Final Jeopardy round: Suzanne with $8,600, Jason with $8,400 and Emmett with $8,000. In the last round, players had to write their answers and decide how much they wanted to risk. Emmett revealed his answer and bet first by making a bet of $8000. It looked like he had the correct answer — “Emancipation Proclamation,” but the second word he wrote was unclear. He had crossed out his first attempt, and the next word after “emancipation” was an unreadable scrawl after the initials “Pr.” Most fans found it illegible and wondered how Jennings read it as a “proclamation.”

Jennings had said throughout the show, “What is the Emancipation…” then paused before saying “Proclamation,” as the 48-year-old host himself took time to read it before saying, “That’s right .” Jason and Suzanne didn’t have the right answer, but since the latter only bet $6000, Suzanne would have won for technical reasons if his answer wasn’t accepted.

On Reddit, one user wrote: “Not sure how the judges accepted the writing of Final Jeopardy today. The first half worked, but the second… Phew.” Another said, “There’s no way to translate that last half into Proclamation, regardless of intent observed.” A third chimed in: “I’m surprised they accepted Emmett’s FJ response. It was very illegible to my eyes. A fourth added that the word looks like “Imansupashun Proklomashin.”

This new controversy arose after viewers already expressed their displeasure last week when show host Ken Jennings allowed contestant Luigi de Guzman to correct his answer, but allowed another contestant, Harriet Wagner, in a similar situation on September 14 left no leeway. Luigi The four-time winner won the game again.

Initially, Luigi had misidentified a British painter, calling him “Constant” instead of “Constable”, but Jennings had allowed him to retract and correct his answer. Soon after, another contestant’s answer, Wagner’s, was automatically labeled “wrong” by the co-host, though she quickly changed her answer. Fans of the show are furious, calling it an “unfair” and “biased” decision.

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