Friday, September 30, 2022

Danger! Fans accuse Ken Jennings of ‘sexism’ after giving champ Luigi the correct answer but firing Harriet Wagner

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Host Ken Jennings asked Luigi de Guzman, who was on a winning streak, to say it again, but didn’t let contestant Harriet Wagner change her answer

CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA: Viewers of the quiz show Jeopardy! express their displeasure after show host Ken Jennings allowed contestant Luigi de Guzman to correct his answer but gave no leeway to another contestant, Harriet Wagner, in a similar situation. Luigi, who was already a four-time winner, won the game again.

Initially, Luigi misidentified a British painter, calling him “Constant” instead of “Constable”, but Jennings allowed him to retract and correct his answer. Soon after, another contestant’s answer, Wagner’s, was automatically labeled “wrong” by the co-host, though she quickly changed her answer. Fans of the show are furious, calling it an “unfair” and “biased” decision.


The treatment bias controversy arose in relation to the episode, which aired on Wednesday, September 14. When asked to identify a “landscape by this 19th-century British painter,” Luigi replied, “Constant,” though the answer was actually “Constable.” However, he was allowed to adjust his answer after Jennings prompted him to ” to say it again.” The contestant won $1,000 to bring his grand total to $6,200. Some time later, Wagner quickly blurted out “Angela” when asked a question, but immediately corrected it to “Ursula.” However, the question was not awarded to her.”Yes, Harriet, you remembered that her name was Ursula, but I had already started deciding against you when you started correcting yourself,” he said.

Many were dissatisfied with such a verdict. A thread on Twitter shows one user writing, “I’m mad at @KenJennings because [he] was unfair tonight on @Jeopardy. He allows Luigi to correct his mistake and interrupts Harriet as she corrected her mistake…again in favor of Luigi! Very obvious to me!” To which someone else replied, “It’s happened hundreds of times. The host issues a warning and then the response is not accepted. It’s been like this for a while.” Another user chimed in, “Ken you screwed up! Luigi was wrong! Harriet was right, in time!”

One person tried to defend the co-host, saying: “I think he really didn’t hear Luigi’s first reply and he ruled in April right after she finished the word ‘leguin’ because she had already made a mistake the first name… Ken is a fast talker and time is always of the essence, often coming quickly after an answer.” Another person agreed, adding, “Yes, to Luigi’s answer, generally staff will however, clean up during a commercial break. I’m not sure why they didn’t.”

At the same time, there were others who pointed out that not all blame could be shifted onto the hosts. Rather, the judges should have reviewed the decision. “Um, Luigi shouldn’t have been allowed to correct himself from Constant to Constable. How did the judges not go back there? Honestly, at a certain point the judges are more to blame than the hosts. #Jeopardy,” someone wrote.

Danger! will be aired on Pluto TV​​ Stream and hosted by both Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik.

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