Monday, October 3, 2022

Dancing with the Stars Season 31 fans vouch for “Weather Guy” Sam Champion

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‘LETS GOOO with the dancing with the stars meteorological display!! Go, Sam!’ said a fan

“Dancing with the Stars” will throw off some hit moves when the premiere episode hits screens. The recently released season 31 of Dancing with the Stars, which premieres ad-free on Disney+, has a lot under its belt. Let’s explore some of them.

Sam Champion, the show’s second cast member, is being applauded by fans across social media. The Good Morning America weather forecaster is dating Cheryl Burke on the show. Fans have high hopes for Champion’s abilities. Even after being a weather freak, many wonder how he can dance so well. Well, it’s all because of Burke. She did a great job of holding Champion’s hand during rehearsals, and fans are hoping she’ll do the same on the dance competition show.


‘Sam My Weatherman’

Fans were super excited to see Champion on screen. One of the fans recently shared his laptop screen showing Champion live streaming on the platform. The fan greeted Champion and said: “LETS GOOO with the meteorological display of dancing with the stars!! Go, Sam!’ Well, other fans were also super excited to see Champion, who is not a dance genre person, come to the big screen. ‘SAM CHAMPION DANCE WITH THE STARS?!?!? SAM MY WEATHER GUY !!!!!!! (i am watch dwts),” says another fan. Well, another reason for fans to support Champion is that he’s gay. People always have a sensitive side to the LGBTQ community. A “Dancing with the Stars” fanatic writes: “HOLD ON HES ROCKING WITH THE LGBT?!?!!!?!”.

It remains to be seen how many fans will vote for Champion. His performance isn’t talked about much on social media, but he’s made a name for himself in the hearts of his fans.

You can catch the entire Dancing with the Stars season 31 live singing on Disney+.

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