Friday, August 12, 2022

Dancing With the Stars pro reveals plans for baby number 2

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Professional “Dancing With the Stars” dancer Lindsay Arnold welcomed her first child, Sage, in 2020. Now Arnold is talking about when she wants to have more children.

Arnold conducted an anonymous question-and-answer session on her Instagram Stories, which led to a question about when and if she will be having another baby.

“SO many questions about baby number 2 and the answer is yes we definitely want more kids,” she wrote in response. “I’m not sure when that will happen, but we definitely want more. Sagey needs friends.”

Arnold spoke on Instagram Stories about how her recovery from her cesarean was.

“C-section recovery has been better than I expected, but mostly because I was expecting the absolute worst,” Arnold wrote. “I feel like there’s so much stigma attached to caesarean sections and while I don’t have anything quite like it, I was fine with it. Of course it’s hard as I’m sure recovery from a vaginal birth is the same and I think the hardest part for me was how hard it was getting in and out of bed for the first few weeks .”

She added: “I feel like the month after giving birth is blurry for me so I don’t remember exact timelines but I do remember starting walking about 3 weeks after giving birth, and then I remember feeling good at my 6-week check-up.”

Arnold welcomed her nephew into the family in July 2022.

“Little boy is coming a little early!!!” Arnold’s sister Jensen wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of her in the hospital. “We are so excited!!!”

Both sisters later posted photos welcoming little boy Brooks Joshua.

Brynley Arnold, Jensen and Lindsay’s younger sister, is also expecting a child in the next ten weeks.

“In serious nesting mode at the moment,” she wrote on Instagram on June 22, 2022. “It makes me so excited!! Who else went into nesting mode?!”

She also shared Jensen’s post in her stories, writing, “Baby boy. Can’t wait to meet you! @jensenarnold_ who looks so gorgeous in labor!?”

Some people thought Arnold would have another baby quicker and might even leave “Dancing With the Stars” to do so.

In a Reddit thread discussing the pregnancies, some fans said they thought Lindsay would be the next to announce her pregnancy.

“I have a feeling Lindsay will also have a pregnancy announcement in the next few months but who knows,” one person replied.

Another commented, “She seems much more motivated by her mother’s life than DWTS, so I agree. Although I’m someone who loves her on the show and selfishly wishes she would come back for another season.”

Some people think Arnold will have more kids soon because she’s said in the past “she wants them to be the same age.”

However, others believe this may not affect the upcoming 2022 season of Dancing With the Stars.

“I would imagine Lindsay is trying to conceive right now, but if she doesn’t manage to conceive in the next few months, she might take a break to film another season of DWTS and then take it on End of season/once again she will be eliminated,” one person replied.

Season 31 of Dancing With the Stars premieres on Disney+ on Monday, September 19, 2022 on Disney+.

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