Thursday, December 22, 2022

‘Dancing With the Stars’ Pro Debuts New Look & Fans Are Obsessed

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Professional “Dancing With the Stars” dancer Artem Chigvintsev revealed a haircut and shaved face during the show’s finale, and just days later he officially posted the look on social media.

Chigvintsev, who normally sports longer hair and a beard, shaved both his face and head after he retired from season 31 of Dancing With the Stars.

The 40-year-old professional dancer shared a photo of himself and his son Matteo on Instagram on Nov. 27 with the caption, “Tay Tay and Dada time.”

Fans love Chigvintsev’s new look.

In the comments section, fans let Chigvintsev know that they are obsessed with haircut and beard trimming.

One person wrote: “This is an excellent look for Artem!!!”

“You absolutely rock that haircut and stubble!” one person commented. “Look sooo much younger.”

Another person commented, “This looks really sooo good on Artem! Short beard suits him very well! What a handsome fellow, Dada n Teo!”

Fans first noticed the look at Chigvintsev’s wife Nikki Bella on Instagram, and some took to Reddit to talk about the haircut.

“Such a lovely time in Lake Tahoe with family for Thanksgiving!” Bella wrote on Instagram alongside photos of Chigvintsev and Matteo together in the snow and playing at an arcade.

She added, “There’s nothing better than Lake Tahoe

“I am and never have been attracted to this man BUT whatever THIS is… I’m 100% here. Gosh,” one person wrote.

Many compared the look to Chigvintsev’s look when he was on Strictly Come Dancing.

Even before the haircut and trimmed beard, fans regularly took to Reddit to post about him, including one post that simply read “Artem shirtless.”

Chigvintsev is 40 years old, which puts him closer to the top than the bottom, and his age has caused him to sometimes ponder when to retire, he revealed on an episode of The Bellas Podcast.

“I think if I don’t do what I do professionally, [getting older] would be totally irrelevant to me,” he told hosts Nikki and Brie Bella. “But I think because, like, I have to be in front of the camera and stuff like that, it’s mostly like you have to play the guy who’s the guy who can dance.”

He added: “There’s always all these younger guys coming. And you say: ‘Am I too old for this?’ Do I have to retire? If this is the case? Or what? Yes, it’s hard.”

Specifically, he shared that he’s felt older in the past year or so.

“Over the past year I’ve definitely been more into it, okay, I have to train harder than before. Just because the result is definitely not the same,” said the professional dancer.

Chigvintsev shared that he prefers getting older to getting “smarter” rather than just aging in looks. He said that his outlook on life has been “very beneficial to him”.

Dancing With the Stars is scheduled to return in fall 2023 for season 32.

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