Monday, June 27, 2022

“Dancing with Myself”: What is Liza Koshy’s nationality? YouTuber fights biracial with comedy

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Liza has a popular YouTube channel where she posts funny, relatable content and has garnered over 17 million subscribers

YouTube sensation and TV host Liza Koshy constantly references her biracial background, and why wouldn’t she? Liza, often referred to as “little brown girl”, is half Indian and half white, with her ethnicity providing enough and more material for her jokes.

However, Liza is making sure that more diversity is brought into pop culture. Her father, Jose Koshy, is of Indian descent while her mother, Jean Carol, is German. YouTuber and comedian Liza has a popular channel where she has published hilarious, relatable content and has garnered over 17 million subscribers. Liza will sit on the judging panel of NBC’s upcoming competitive dance show, Dancing with Myself, alongside Nick Jonas, Shakira and Camille Kostek.


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What nationality is Liza Koshy?

Liza is American, born and raised in Houston, Texas. However, her father Jose Koshy is a Malayali from Kerala, India while her mother Jean Carol Hertzler is of German descent. Jose is a petroleum manager by trade while Jean is a yoga teacher.

The couple is blessed with three daughters, Olivia, Rahel and Liza Koshy, with Liza being the youngest of the three.

Here’s a hilarious video she shared on her channel titled Mixed Kid Problems. It seems like she has an identity crisis herself from time to time!

Here’s an adorable clip of Liza with her old man Jose Koshy.

Liza often takes to Instagram to pay tribute to her parents, as seen in the loving mother-daughter post below.

Liza has often mentioned her upbringing in her videos on YouTube. She remembers several instances from her childhood when her Caucasian mother actually had to explain to people that Liza is actually her own daughter!

Though her family doesn’t appear on her Instagram all that often, it goes without saying that Liza has a supportive family who will stay with her while her baby girl pursues her dreams in Los Angeles. In the early days of her career, Liza’s family even appeared occasionally in some of her Vine videos.

They even shared a heartwarming video as she hit 4 million subscribers on YouTube.

Stay tuned for the season premiere of “Dancing with Myself” on May 31, 2022 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Viewers in the UK can catch next day episodes of the series on both Sky TV and Now TV as Peacock has been integrated into both platforms.

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