Monday, June 27, 2022

‘Dancing With Myself’: Nick Jonas Performs Salsa With Shakira, Fans Say He ‘Has The Moves’

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“These salsa couples on #DancingWithMyself are so energetic and look like they are having SO MUCH fun!!” said one fan

NBC’s “Dancing With Myself” automatically has people dancing on their feet. The third episode of “Dancing With Myself” features some outstanding dancers who are surgeons, police officers and fashion designers. This clearly shows that anyone can dance if their feet move naturally.

As the dance competition continues, in one of the rounds, Shakira and Liza taught a dance choreography that happened to be salsa. When it comes to salsa, this episode has a special surprise in store for us: Shakira and Nick Jonas perform salsa. Shakira asks Nick if he does salsa, to which he sometimes responds, and then Shakira asks him to show his moves, causing everyone in the studio to freak out. Not only will the audience enjoy the dance routines from Liza and Shakira, but there will also be some light-hearted banter among the three judges. Nick didn’t agree with Shakira on anything, so she asked him, “Don’t you agree?” He said, “No, I can’t.” People show their love and appreciation for Shakira and Nick in the following ways.


Here’s what fans say: “#Chantaje SALSA VERSION, DANCED BY @shakira AND @nickjonas. THAT’S THE MOMENT. #DancingWithMyself“. Another tweet read: “Dancing With Myself is such a great show! Thank you @shakira @nickjonas @lizakoshy ! I’m watching you from Canada! #DancingWithMyself #NBC #Shakira #NickJonas #LizaKoshy”. Another added: “These salsa couples on #DancingWithMyself are so energetic and look like they are having SO MUCH fun!!”. One fan shared, “I love the term salsa-ing #DancingWithMyself.” One fan said: “These dance moves are amazing. #DancingWithMyself“. A fan also appreciated Liza and Shakira’s dance moves: “@Shakira and @lizakoshy you are the best salsa dancers #DancingWithMyself.”

People are also talking about Nick Jonas’ moves. One fan pointed out, “Nick has moves #DancingWithMyself.” Another chimed in: “Yes!! Show us those moves @nickjonas!! #DancingWithMyself“. One fan said: “Does @nickjonas do salsa? #DancingWithMyself”

You can watch “Dancing With Myself” every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on NBC or the next day on or Peacock.

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