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Cynthia Nixon received praise from Sex and the City fans after Miranda gave speech

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Several books have been written given its impact on pop culture Sex and the City. Amy Sohn’s 2004 book Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell is one of the most comprehensive. In the book, Sohn reveals plenty of juicy details about what went on behind the scenes at the iconic and influential show. She even shares the reactions stars like Cynthia Nixon (who played Miranda Hobbes) got for certain moments.

In the Season 2 episode, “Take Me to the Ballgame,” Miranda is frustrated with the other women. They’re gossiping about their sex lives and the men they’re dating, and Miranda wants to talk about something more substantial. When Miranda finds out that the ladies are currently debating the length of a date’s testicles, Miranda begins a speech.

“That’s it, I’m out of here,” she says. “We only talk about big or balls or small cocks. How come four women so smart have nothing to talk about but friends? It’s like seventh grade with bank accounts – what about us? What we think we feel, we know Christ! Does it always have to be about her? Just give me a call when you’re ready to talk about something other than men for a change.”

It’s an explosive moment that, as it turns out, fans were happy to finally see on the show. Especially since many felt that the ladies’ friendships deserved more attention.

Although it was early in the series, some felt Miranda’s speech was a long time coming. For a show that produced such rich female characters, storylines kept coming back to men. As BuzzFeed notes, Sohn revealed that actor Nixon himself had received a lot of support from fans at the moment. When speaking to her publicly, many brought up the incident and told her, “I’m so glad [Miranda] said that!” The moment seemed to reflect a frustration many women felt not only with the show but with their own friendships.

Interesting, Sex and the City seemed to his own advice. In subsequent seasons, women’s rich lives outside of their interests in men became a much larger focus. For example, we see more of Miranda’s career progression, her exploration of new hobbies (like training for the marathon), and her journey into motherhood.

One of the reasons Miranda was so appreciated is the compelling approach Cynthia Nixon took with her character. Nixon has been in the business for a long time, but she is undeniably best known for Miranda. Although her own life path took her elsewhere, most notably a foray into politics, Nixon returned to reprise her role in the revival series.

Fans may be very divided on the direction the show’s writers are taking with Miranda Hobbes And just like that… but Nixon continues to make Miranda the complicated, three-dimensional woman she was always meant to be… with or without a man.

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