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Cynthia Lennon only met Ringo Starr after she was married to John – and she ‘got off on the wrong foot’

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John Lennon’s ex-wife Cynthia described the Beatles drummer as one of “the kindest men in the world”. Still, these two didn’t get on the right foot when they first met — it wasn’t until John and Cynthia Lennon were already married. Here’s what we learned from the memoirs John.

Before becoming a chart topper, John Lennon began a relationship with his college classmate Cynthia Lennon (then Cynthia Powell). In her 2005 memoir John, Cynthia Lennon described her first impressions of the wannabe Beatles.

After meeting 16-year-old George Harrison, she described the guitarist as “the kid that came along.” She mentioned the differences between Paul McCartney and Lennon — and how that became her songwriting strength.

In 1962 she married Lennon. Shortly thereafter, she met the group’s new drummer, named Richard Starkey, now known professionally as Ringo Starr.

“He joined the group five days before our wedding and a few days later he stopped by to see John,” wrote Cynthia Lennon. “Although I had often seen him play with Rory Storm’s group, we had never spoken to each other.”

Cynthia Lennon and Ringo Starr didn’t hit it off right away. This was mainly due to a misunderstanding as mentioned in John.

“Unfortunately, we got off on the wrong foot,” Lennon added in the 2005 memoir. “I took him to dinner and served curry. Little did I know that after many childhood illnesses, he could no longer eat spicy foods. He declined and was very casual, practically ignoring me while chatting with John.”

Although they were “cautious” of each other for some time, they gradually became “good friends.”

“I discovered that he was one of the kindest, easygoing, good-natured men in the world,” she remarked. “Even before I liked him, I knew he was the right person for the group.”

With Ringo Starr as the group’s official drummer, the artists released their first single – “Love Me Do”. They became one of the biggest rock bands in the world, for which the drummer even wrote “Octopus’s Garden”. abbey road.

Meanwhile, Cynthia and John Lennon had their first son, Julian, in 1963. However, the couple finalized their divorce in 1968.

It was actually Ringo Starr who called Cynthia Lennon to tell her about John Lennon’s death. The couple had been separated for several years at the time – John Lennon married artist and activist Yoko Ono.

Even after the Beatles broke up, Ringo Starr continued to make music and performed with Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band. In 2022, the drummer and songwriter released his third EP, complete with “Everyone and Everything” and its official music video, which was posted to YouTube.

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