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Cynthia Lennon found the Beatles’ ‘Love Me Do’ ‘repetitive’

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The Beatles’ first official single as a band was “Love Me Do”. However, according to John Lennon’s then-wife, this wasn’t the group’s best song. In fact, she found this Lennon McCartney original “repetitive.” Here’s what we learned from Cynthia Lennon’s 2005 memoir.

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr formed the final line-up of The Beatles. As one of the first singles to be released under the band name, The Beatles created “Love Me Do”.

“Love, love me do / You know I love you / I’ll always be true / Also please, love me do / Whoa-oh, love me do,” the lyrics read. “Someone to love / Someone new / Someone to love / Someone like you.”

The duo McCartney and Lennon are credited as the songwriters for “Love Me Do” on Spotify. In 1980, Lennon explained the origin of the song in Everything we say with David Sheff, based on the Beatles Bible.

“‘Love Me Do’ is Paul’s song. He wrote it when he was a teenager,” Lennon said. “Let me think. I might have helped with the middle eight, but I couldn’t swear to it. I know he had the song in Hamburg long before we were songwriters.”

After John and Cynthia Lennon married, the Beatles signed Parlophone to a five-year record deal. They then recorded Love Me Do, the band’s first single. Cynthia Lennon detailed her thoughts on this song in her 2005 memoir. John.

“John and Paul had written it and I was surprised they picked it because I didn’t think it was one of their best – I found it a bit repetitive. But John said that was exactly what George Martin wanted: he liked John’s harmonica playing on it.”

“John told me they did so many takes of ‘Love Me Do’ that he never wanted to hear it again.”

It took a while for the song to chart comfortably on the music charts. After the success of “Love Me Do,” The Beatles became one of the most popular rock bands in the world. The song was eventually added to the band’s first album, please please mewhich debuted in 1963. Now the remastered version has over 180 million Spotify plays.

As a songwriting duo, McCartney and Lennon are the masterminds behind most Beatles hits. These include “Strawberry Fields Forever”, “Hey Jude” and “Blackbird”.

Other Beatles members wrote for the group, for which Ringo Starr created Octopus’s Garden abbey road. Harrison is credited as the sole songwriter for “Here Comes the Sun” on Spotify. Now the Beatles’ music is available on most major streaming platforms.

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