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Cynthia Lennon ‘barely recognized’ John Lennon during his relationship with Yoko Ono

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John Lennon had a profound impact on the music world. Still, he had his flaws. He and the rest of the Beatles treated Stuart Sutcliffe terribly during his tenure in the band and were cowards for firing Pete Best. He also wasn’t a particularly good husband for Cynthia Lennon, who once said she hardly recognized John after he began his relationship with Yoko Ono.

John quietly married Cynthia Powell in 1962, just before The Beatles hit the UK charts for the first time. But the marriage didn’t last.

In the mid-1960s, John found himself in the midst of what he said was tantamount to murder. His first meeting with Yoko Ono in November 1966 helped him get out of his depression. Although he was still married at the time, John didn’t hesitate to start a relationship with Yoko.

John and Cynthia divorced in 1968 and the songwriter married Yoko in 1969. Before each of these events, Cynthia said she hardly recognized John when his relationship with Yoko was relatively new.

John made no effort to hide his relationship with Yoko. For example, she was with him at the Lennon house when Cynthia returned from a holiday in Europe.

John was rarely apart from Yoko during their relationship. She opened up new forms of artistic expression for him, such as the experimental music on their first collaboration, Two Maidens. He barely pretended to still be faithful to Cynthia, who said she barely recognized John when he was dating Yoko in mid-1968 (per you never give me your money Author Peter Doggett):

In a way, John had taken on a new personality as his relationship with Yoko blossomed. He no longer felt limited to just being a songwriter. John and Yoko made experimental music and films together, and he began to draw and write more. She first knew him as a clean, suit-wearing pop songsmith; Cynthia barely recognized – both physically and emotionally – the multi-faceted artist that John became as his relationship with Yoko Ono progressed.

As most Beatles fans know, John’s relationship with Yoko wasn’t all for show. She reinvigorated him creatively and the pair worked together frequently over the years.

John and Yoko recorded two albums in 1969 – Life with two lions and wedding album. they made Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band 1970 and Sometime in New York city followed in 1972 via All Music.

Their relationship endured some rough times during John’s lost weekend time, but they regrouped for the 1980s double fantasy and 1984s Milk and honeya posthumous release following John’s assassination in 1980.

Cynthia Lennon didn’t recognize John Lennon during his relationship with Yoko Ono. Cynthia said her husband had a new look and personality, but that new personality became the norm as he and Yoko continued to create art together.

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