Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Customer trend #BoycottWalgreens after pharmacy chain refuses to sell birth control products like condoms

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The second largest pharmacy in the US has faced backlash after allegedly refusing to sell contraceptive products to its customers

Walgreens faced boycott calls after its pharmacists and employees were accused of denying customers birth control products. The second largest pharmacy in the US faced backlash on social media after an article published by The Star Tribune detailed how a Minnesota woman named Jessica Pentz was refused condoms by a Walgreens employee over a religious objection.

The incident allegedly happened over the weekend of July 4th when Pentz visited an outlet while vacationing in Wisconsin with her husband Nate, who also corroborated his wife’s claims.


Speaking to the Tribune, Pentz said the employee in question told her he couldn’t “sell” these because of “what [his] Faith requires.” The sale was later completed by the store’s manager, while the clerk allegedly walked away with “a grin” on the transaction, which they have moral objections to, and refer the transaction to another team member or manager who can handle the store’s request customer done.”

Meanwhile, a recent TikTok post by a woman named Abigail Martin also sparked outrage after she claimed in a video that a Walgreens employee refused to fill out her birth control pill prescription and lied about why she couldn’t, including falsifying her prescription records show that she was out of refills. The prescription was eventually written by another worker, but Martin opposed the attempted denial, linking it to the Supreme Court’s recent decision, Roe v. pick up calf. “When I told her what I was there for, my birth control, she looks me up and down and says, ‘Hmm…’ She then says, ‘Yeah, we’re not going to refill this prescription,'” Martin said in the video post. “So first they want us to stop getting pregnant and doing abortions, but then they don’t want to help us prevent that pregnancy.”

“Apparently the #BoycottWalgreens started this CRAZY story about how a pharmacist went to all sorts of schemes to deny this woman birth control refills,” tweeted Clara Jeffery, editor-in-chief of Mother Jones. “Not only *refused to do it in person* but apparently lied about medical records”

There have been calls for a boycott of Walgreens on social media platforms. “#[email protected] Allowing employees to refuse to call someone for birth control is really bad customer service. This causes customers to feel uncomfortable at the checkout. My $24,000+ a year in recipes for the past 4 years will go elsewhere,” one tweeted.

“Walgreens allows its employees to refuse to sell condoms and other contraceptives if it is against their moral standards. I bet they’re still fucking filling out Viagra prescriptions! #BoycottWalgreens,” outraged another.

However, the pharmacy chain has also faced criticism over unverified claims that it was tracking customers who bought items like pregnancy tests and using the information in its marketing efforts. “PSA for Americans: @Walgreens appears to be selling data on sales of pregnancy tests to third parties, presumably in states where abortion is criminalized. Don’t use plastic to buy pregnancy tests at Walgreens. (Or anything else.) Their privacy and security are of no concern to them,” author Charlie Stross wrote on Twitter while sharing a thread from a woman who claimed she received an unsolicited box of Enfamil baby formula after the she bought a pregnancy test at a Walgreens store.


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As reported by Insider, Walgreens previously said it would expand its “existing travel reimbursement benefits” to cover “any medical, surgical, mental health or substance abuse benefits” after the Supreme Court ruled to remove protections from federal abortion rights. At the same time, the company has donated $496,700 to abortion rights political action committees since 2016, according to an analysis published by Popular Information shortly after a draft statement by SCOTUS on the controversial decision was leaked in May.

Conservatives, however, clapped back at the “woke” calls to boycott Walgreens. “Remember when the Awakened Dispensaries who refused to stock ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine Rxs applauded? Now they want #BoycottWalgreens for the very same thing? These hypocrites can kiss my ass,” tweeted talk show host Joe Pagliarulo. “#BoycottWalgreens is trending because leftists are learning that there are people with moral convictions in the world,” added director Jeff Hunt.

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