Sunday, June 26, 2022

Corey Simms in rare family photo with wife Miranda

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“Teen Mom” ​​alum Corey Simms was featured in a rare family photo taken while they were on vacation in North Carolina’s Outer Banks. The picture was posted to Instagram by Simm’s father Jeff, known to fans as “Pawpaw Jeff.”

“Holiday in the Outer Banks! ☀️⛱🌊 #southernshores #outerbanksnc #familytime,” he wrote.

Simms hugged his wife Miranda Patterson.

Simms and Patterson met in June 2012. They were engaged in December 2012 and the Simms have been married since June 2013. Their only child, Remington “Remi” Monroe, was born in 2015.

There was tension between Patterson and Simms’ ex-wife, Leah Messer. Patterson rarely appears on Teen Mom and has been accused of not wanting to be a part of Ali and Aleah’s lives – 12-year-old twins Simms and Messer share.

During a Teen Mom reunion in 2015, Messer and Simms alluded to an affair while he was married to Patterson.

“Things happened that shouldn’t have happened and it was disrespectful to Miranda. I apologized,” said Messer Dr. Drew Pinsky at a reunion, like OK!

“She let that go. Me and Miranda pulled past it,” Simms confirmed.

However, Patterson lashed out at Knives while she was on stage. “You don’t respect me,” she told Messer, per OK!. “Have no attitude! I really don’t need this stress. I don’t need your bulls***.”

During a Teen Mom reunion special, Messer’s second ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, claimed Simms wasn’t doing enough to support Ali, who has titin myopathy muscular dystrophy.

“I don’t agree with a lot of things,” Calvert said in 2019, according to OK! “She’s the only one who goes to Ali’s appointments. Corey hasn’t attended Ali’s appointment in Columbus for who knows how long.”

Calvert then slammed Patterson.

“And then she can’t take the twins to her stepmom and drop them off there, she has to wait for Corey,” Calvert said at the reunion, noting that Patterson didn’t want to be involved. “She wants zero to do with the twins, zero, and that’s obvious to anyone in the world.”

Calvert has a child with a knife – 9-year-old Addie.

Some fans had hoped Calvert and Messer would reconnect after he showed up for the “Teen Mom” ​​reunion in 2019, but Messer has since moved on with current boyfriend Jaylan Mobley.

Simms wasn’t pleased when he heard Calvert’s comments about the Teen Mom reunion.

“Oh wow!! Blood pressure is so high right now!!” Simms tweeted at the time via OK!

He continued to defend his wife.

“Miranda has been amazing with Ali and Aleeah ​​from the start and has constantly made sure the girls have whatever they need or want. Loving and caring for her unconditionally,” the West Virginia native continued, according to OK! “The girls never came to me with problems like that.”

Simms then aimed squarely at Calvert, writing, “And for Mr. Dad of the year making fun of him not going to doctor’s appointments. How many times have you been with this big guy??”

Calvert later apologized for his comments after he “overstepped”. [his] Limits,” wrote Life & Style.

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