Friday, January 20, 2023

Controversial DWTS graduate suggests missing ex isn’t dead

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Controversial Dancing With the Stars competitor Carole Baskin is making headlines after a November 2021 interview resurfaced online.

According to Sky News, the ‘Tiger King’ star previously claimed that her missing ex-husband Don Lewis – who was presumed dead – was actually alive and living in Costa Rica. Baskin discussed how she learned Lewis was alive during an interview with ITV News that went viral in January 2023.

The resurfaced interview has caused a stir among Tiger King fans, many of whom are wondering if Lewis is really alive and if the missing persons case has actually been closed.

Here’s what you need to know:

If you’ve seen Tiger King, you probably know that Lewis has been missing since 1997. He was pronounced legally dead five years later, although his remains were never found. After watching the hit Netflix series, many people were convinced Baskin had anything to do with Lewis’ disappearance – which they staunchly deny.

During her November 2021 interview with ITV News, Baskin highlighted a part of Tiger King 2 that she suggests clears her of having anything to do with Lewis’ whereabouts.

“One of the really exciting things that came out of ‘Tiger King 2’ was that they produced a letter from Homeland Security stating that a special agent in charge of Homeland Security with the FBI reached out to Sheriff’s Detective George Fernandez That means it had to have happened after 2002 because Homeland Security didn’t even exist until 2002,” Baskin said.

“They said my husband, Don Lewis, lives in Costa Rica and is fine. And yet, all the hay has been made that I have anything to do with his disappearance, even though Homeland Security has known where he is at least since then,” she added.

Despite being more than a year old, the interview has become a hot topic of conversation on Twitter.

Heavy turned to Baskin to ask her if she believed Lewis was alive.

“I’ve mentioned it in the 60+ interviews I’ve done since then where reporters have asked about Don, so I’m surprised everyone in the press is acting like they don’t know. I wasn’t aware of the Homeland Security document showing Don lives in Costa Rica and was fine until TK2 aired in November 2021,” she told us via email.

She also shared a link to a copy of the document, which can be viewed here.

After the gossip made Lewis’ story go viral again, TMZ contacted the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office and a spokesman told the outlet they were never informed that Lewis was found “alive and well,” as Baskin claims.

In fact, the sheriff’s office handling the cases in Tampa, Fla., where Lewis once lived, still considers this a high-priority missing person case.

Heavy has also contacted the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office for an update.

2021, Cpl. Moises Garcia spoke to Fox News about Lewis’ case and said that Baskin had not cooperated with law enforcement. At the time, Garcia said the release of “Tiger King 2” reignited people’s interest in the case and provided law enforcement with numerous leads that kick-started the search for Lewis.

However, no leads have proved successful in the search for Lewis, and as of November 2021, HCSO had no definitive answers. According to TMZ’s January 19, 2023 report, the case is still very active.

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