Monday, November 28, 2022

Commenter says jewelry Queen Elizabeth gave Kate compared to what she gave Meghan proves the Duchess never made it to the ‘Royal Bling Ring’

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During her time as a senior royal, Meghan Markle wore some beautiful jewels, as did other women in the family.

But now one commenter claims that none of the jewels Queen Elizabeth II gave to the Duchess of Sussex even compare to what she gave to the Princess of Wales (formerly Kate Middleton). Here’s more about it and the very special pieces that are part of Meghan’s collection.

Journalist Daniela Elser, who writes for the New Zealand Herald and, has pointed out some of the main differences between the jewels Kate has worn from the Queen and the pieces Meghan has worn from the late monarch.

In Elser’s article, titled “Kate Middleton’s expensive jewelry highlights the painful truth for Meghan Markle,” she points to some of the jewels Prince William’s wife has been wearing lately.

Elser noted that at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, Kate wore a pair of earrings made from pearls given to the Queen for her 1947 wedding by the Hakim of Bahrain. Queen Elizabeth had worn these earrings herself several times. The Princess of Wales was also seen with a four-row choker of pearls and diamonds around her neck during a memorial service.

Regarding Meghan’s jewellery, Elser explained: “[At the funeral] Meghan also paid tribute to Her Majesty by similarly wearing a pair of diamond and pearl earrings given to her by her grandmother-in-law.”

The commenter then compared those earrings to those worn by Kate from the late Queen, writing: “Same but not at all. Look at pictures of the royal WAGs side by side and the huge discrepancy is obvious. While Kate’s pair honk great pieces that one would assume anyone else would be plastic knockoffs, they are so large that while elegant and a very thoughtful gift from the late ninety-year-old, Meghan’s pair are puny by comparison.

Elser added that Meghan’s sister-in-law’s jewelry is valued “at more than the gross GDP of a small country.”

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Elser concluded her piece by opining: “Maybe if Meghan and Harry had stayed in the UK this jewelry situation would have changed and the Duchess of Sussex might have ended up like Kate, Camilla and Sophie, Countess of Wessex adding regular sparkles to hers.” Outfit du jour with some orbs from the official Horde. (God only knows how many diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires they really threw away in the palace.) But Meghan never quite made it into the royal bling ring.”

What the Duchess has in her jewelry collection are many pieces that previously belonged to the late Princess Diana, including a gold bangle, a Cartier watch and a stunning aquamarine ring. The emerald-cut aquamarine ring was given to Diana in 1996 by her friend Lucia Flecha de Lima. She wore it on two separate occasions before her tragic death in 1997. More than two decades later, Prince Harry gave it to his bride to wear for her wedding reception.

However, according to Elser, we do know who owns Princess Diana’s most famous and recognizable piece of jewelry, which is the 12-carat sapphire engagement ring.

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