Thursday, May 5, 2022

Come Dance With Me Preview: Will a New Dance Form Challenge the Teams?

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The first dance challenge for the teams is to take up the jazz dance form and compete on stage

The first episode of Come Dance With Me aired on CBS on April 15th and what an absolute sight to behold! The super new reality dance competition certainly has a unique mix of talented kids showcasing a variety of dance forms. So what can dance teams expect next week?

The preview clip at the end of the premiere episode featured a new dance challenge; Teams step out of their comfort zones to spice things up a little! Will this new dance form be a cup of tea for everyone or more of a challenge?


Whether ballet, hip hop, freestyle or contemporary, every child of the 11 dance teams not only started their dance training very early, but also seems to have mastered their respective strengths.

However, jazz, a dance form that is relatively unknown to some, combines African and European dance styles. What sets this style apart from most mainstream dance forms is its lively atmosphere coupled with improvisation, which is a key aspect of the choreography.

So far we know that the show’s contestants, Kennedy Rae Thompson and Avery Khoundara, are trained jazz dancers. So it goes without saying that they have a head start this round of the show, and why wouldn’t they? In Kennedy’s case, she began her jazz journey at the age of three. The dance enthusiast has won multiple awards including third place out of a hundred performers in the Imagine Dance Challenge.

An equally strong opponent will be Avery, who won the Master Dance of America, a Ballet, Jazz & Tap Intensive title in 2020. In addition, the little man snagged the Outstanding Dancer Award at NYCDA Phoenix.

Looks like we’ll have to play a waiting game with bated breath to see how this challenge plays out. Put on your jazz and tune in!

Catch new episodes of Come Dance With Me every Friday at 8/7 p.m., only on CBS.

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