Monday, November 29, 2021

‘Cobra Kai’ co-creators answer fans’ biggest questions

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On Wednesday, co-creator of “Cobra Kai” Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg went to Twitter for a live Q&A session with fans of the hit Netflix show. Given the upcoming season four release in just over a month, the two teased as much as they could about the upcoming season (s) in what Hurwitz called “Questions and answers about Thanksgiving. “

Of course, while they revealed as much as possible, there weren’t any major spoilers. If you still want to enter season 4 completely blindly, it is best not to read on. Here’s everything you need to know about what the two showrunners had to say.

Both Hurwitz and Schlossberg confirmed that there will be at least one more season of the show after Season 4, with possibly more. Hurwitz called in the Q&A that they are just finalizing season 5 filming, Add that it feels strange to be 20 episodes ahead of the audience.

Regarding the Cobra Kai final, both showrunners confirmed that there was a definitive plan to end the show, despite Hurwitz called that they don’t know exactly how many seasons it will end up being. Schlossberg confirmed that there was indeed a plan called that “it could always change”. He added that “every season gets bigger and bigger” and even that they wanted “at least“Six seasons. Officially, however, a sixth season is not yet planned.

Also Schlossberg bullied that the episodes of season 4 will be longer. “The longest oneHe would add later.

When it came to storylines for specific characters, the co-creators hinted at as much as possible without completely giving away anything. With Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan), Schlossberg called that we learn something about Robby’s life situation and added that “a lot of pain [is] in stock for him. And he deserves it, which is all the more painful. “Perhaps in a similar context, Hurwitz said that Terry Silver’s upcoming role in the season would be in one word:”complex. “

Hurwitz teased the intensity of the fight scenes in the upcoming season, saying that some of those in season 4 are his favourite, and that the actors and stunt doubles “outdid themselves”. He also mentioned that there will be more women fighters.

Additionally, both creators teased the possibility that Hilary Swank’s character from “The Next Karate Kid” – Julie Pierce – would appear on the show at some point. When asked if they plan to bring the character back, Schlossberg said called, “We plan everything.” Hurwitz added that he liked her character better than the film itself, “but all films have their value in the canon.” (Not to mention the 2010 remake of “The Karate Kid”, which the creators have already ruled out of the “Cobra Kai” cannon).

Hurwitz and Schlossberg added that we will also see more of certain characters, such as Bert, and Anthony LaRusso, Daniel’s son, explanatory that “the time has come” to “dive deeper” [Anthony’s] History. “In addition, we may learn more about Demetri, including himself last name, says Hurwitz. Schlossberg added that Demetri “will show some serious skills”. When it came to Hawk, Schlossberg indicated that his “path never ends. There is always another twist or turn on the road. ”Also Schlossberg revealed that we meet more of Tory Nichols’ family.

When asked about Daniel and Johnny’s relationship in season 4, Hurwitz jokingly described her as “erotic“Reflecting Macchio’s comments about her resemblance to Ross and Rachel on NBC’s” Friends. “

Musically, Schlossberg is bullied that season 4 would have both 80s and contemporary artists and songs, and added that “some characters will sing together at some point”. Hurwitz called that his favorite musical moment is season 4, and that there will be a musical cover for the coming season that “fans will be obsessed with”.

Hurwitz too thanked a fan for her commitment to the show and said he was “so happy”. “Cobra Kai” continues the positive and uplifting legacy that “The Karate Kid” has brought to so many fans. “With news like this, non-stop work feels special,” he told the fan. So did he called that “Cobra Kais” People’s Choice Awards nominations “mean the world to us,” despite them most likely cannot attend the ceremony due to their schedule. “I will search the dojo from afar,” he said.

A lot more was revealed in the Q&A, including who was doing it funniest Actor was where they were when they first saw “The Karate Kid” and the idea for the show and the idea of ​​a possible one Crossover with Hurwitz and Schlossbergs Vorwerk “Harold & Kumar”. All questions and answers are publicly available browse on twitter.

Don’t miss the fourth season of “Cobra Kai” (or its official Teaser) when it releases on Netflix on December 31, 2021.

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