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Christy Carlson Romano had bad feelings about Aaron Carter weeks before his death

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Aaron Carter’s death has touched many former child stars, including actor Christy Carlson Romano. That Even Stevens Star said she had bad feelings about Carter just weeks before his death. Here’s what Romano and other Disney stars said about their boyfriend.

On Saturday, November 5, former child star Aaron Carter was found dead in the bathtub of his Lancaster, California home. The singer, rapper and actor is survived by his 12-month-old son Prince, whom he shared with ex-fiancé Melanie Martin.

Carter’s cause of death is still unknown, and autopsy toxicology results could take several weeks to arrive. Friends of the singer believe it was probably an accidental drug overdose.

Christy Carlson Romano was supposed to record an episode of her Vulnerable Podcast with Carter in late September. But the “I Want Candy” singer never showed up. It’s unclear why he didn’t make it to the recording session.

Romano was already set up in the recording studio when she realized Carter wasn’t coming. The former Disney star decided to continue recording alone, sitting across from an empty chair and with a second unused microphone. At some point during the episode, she checked her phone for updates on Carter.

“I’m still looking,” she laughed, putting down her phone. “I should accept the fact that this interview is not happening.”

When Aaron Carter didn’t show up for his scheduled appearance on her podcast, Christy Carlson Romano got a bad feeling about her child star.

The Disney actress, who has been open about her own journey of addiction and sobriety, added a three-minute introductory segment at the beginning of the episode, which she released on Nov. 15.

She said she was grappling with whether or not to release the episode after Carter’s death, which “deeply affected” her. “I was really worried and I think the tension was palpable,” Romano said. “I had an instinctive feeling that something bad was about to happen to him. Unfortunately I was right.”

The former child star said she ultimately decided to release the episode to raise awareness and “bring to light that sobriety isn’t a linear journey.” Romano said she wanted to see “Change”, “Reform”, “Advocacy” and her friends “live”.

Christy Carlson Romano isn’t the only former child star to speak out since Aaron Carter’s death. Other Disney stars who knew the singer, including Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan, have expressed their sorrow.

Duff, who dated Carter as a teenager, responded to the news of his death on Instagram. “For Aaron – I’m deeply sorry that life has been so hard for you and you had to fight in front of the whole world,” he said Lizzie McGuire star wrote. “You had a charm that was absolutely effervescent… Boy did my teenage self love you dearly. At this time, send love to your family. Sleep calmly [red heart emoji].” Duff also criticized Ballast Books for the publisher’s plans to posthumously publish Carter’s unfinished memoir.

Days after Carter’s death, Lohan was asked about the singer during an interview with Access Hollywood.

“So many [memories] since I was so young, this very era of my life… and my prayers go out to his family and may he rest in peace and God bless.” The parent trap Star said, adding that it’s been “a long time” since she last spoke to Carter.

How to get help: In the US, contact the Administration of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Hotline at 1-800-662-4357.

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