Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Christine McVie says she brought The Romance and the Warmth to Fleetwood Mac

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Christine McVie has performed as a singer, keyboardist and songwriter for Fleetwood Mac. She left the group in the 1990s, citing her fear of flying. Still, McVie said the group worked because the artists complimented each other — especially when writing their own songs.

In 1998, McVie left the band after nearly 30 years of playing piano for Fleetwood Mac. She said the reason was a fear of flying she developed, which prevented her from traveling with the other musicians.

“I left the band because I developed a terrible fear of flying,” she said in an interview with the New Yorker. “I wanted to restore an old house in Kent and I did it. It was a bunch – that Tudor building with the beams painted light green, so hideous.’

Though she thought she “loved life in small villages,” she eventually returned to the rock band. She even credited Mick Fleetwood with helping her overcome her phobia of flying.

One of the band’s last live performances together was in 2019, when they “kind of broke up”. McVie told Rolling Stone she “couldn’t say for sure” if Fleetwood Mac would appear on stage again.

While not actively making music, McVie shared that she “enjoyed” working with the artists. During an interview with Las Vegas Weekly, this keyboard player commented on her time away from Fleetwood Mac.

“I think we all compliment each other because we’re such different writers,” McVie said. “My contribution is the romance and the warmth. The love songs. Lindsey has his particular style of acting and writing, Stevie has hers.”

Christine McVie is the songwriter behind it rumours “Songbird” sharing took 30 minutes to write. On the same album, McVie collaborated with all Fleetwood Mac members on The Chain – Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham and John McVie.

“And then you combine all three voices when you start incorporating harmonies and this incredibly powerful rhythm section,” she continued. “It’s a winner all round. People just love it. We also.”

Each member of Fleetwood Mac had a unique role in creating and performing music. Nicks is the songwriter behind “Landside” and “Dreams” and collaborates with Buckingham on “Everywhere”. Buckingham created “Go Your Own Way,” although the meaning behind that song wasn’t an accurate representation of his relationship with Nicks.

Although the line-up changed several times, Fleetwood Mac performed as a group for several decades. In 2022, Nicks performed as a solo artist at Connecticut’s Sound on Sound Music Festival and New Jersey’s Sea.Hear.Now Festival, presenting hits by the rock band.

TIED TOGETHER: Christine McVie said Stevie Nicks always had a piano in her hotel room (although she couldn’t play)

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