Saturday, January 14, 2023

‘Christina in the Country’: Christina Hall says she poured her ‘blood, sweat and literal tears’ into the new HGTV show

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Christina Hall has a brand new reality show, Christina in the country, and the HGTV star said she poured her “blood, sweat and literal tears” into producing the series. Here’s what Hall recently shared about the new show and how it’s different from her Christina on the coast or flip or flop.

HGTV has a new show called Christina in the country, starring and co-producing Christina Hall and her husband Josh. The reality star has been open about the new series, saying she’s grateful to live and film in two completely different cities — Nashville, Tennessee, and Newport Beach, California.

“I guess I’m so lucky to have the coast-to-coast life, right?” Hall told Entertainment Weekly on Jan. 12. “Josh, he’s very comfortable here, he’s in Tennessee. We have our family here too, but we also just enjoy the coastal life. We also have the best time in Newport, biking, enjoying the beach, we have a great property there, we have our friends and family there. But then when we go to Tennessee we just have this chilled southern vibe and I really enjoy doing both shows. It’s really fun. These are new adventures and you just feel relaxed and at peace. All the good vibes.”

She said her new reality show is different Christina on the coast or flip or flop because she has “eclectic clients” and does even more “unique” renovations than before.

“We get very diverse clients – we have musicians, we have songwriters. It’s not just what you would expect from just seeing a modern farmhouse or the country feel,” Hall explained. “We’re incorporating a lot of really cool styles, a lot of really unique styles. Actually, I think more unique than what I do in California.”

On January 12, the day Christina in the country premiered, Christina Hall shared an Instagram post about the new project.

“I’ve been waiting for this evening since I first learned that @hgtv has given us the green light to produce this new series #christinainthecountry,” she wrote. “It has felt like home since I arrived in Tennessee. And it’s the only place I’ve been that really felt that way.”

The HGTV star said she and husband Josh gave the new series everything they had. “Josh and I poured our blood sweat and literal tears into the production of this show, and we were determined to bring certain moments to life,” she wrote. “Starting from scratch on a new show in another state wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. I’m very proud of this series and I hope you can feel the joyful vibes on screen.”

Christina Hall’s fans and friends flooded the comments section of her Instagram post with messages of support. “You look so genuinely happy. So happy for you,” one fan wrote, while another said, “Very excited about this show!!”

A fan who had already seen the first episode of Christina in the country shared their thoughts on the new series. “Just watched the show. Loves it! It was fun and the design was fabulous! I can’t wait to see the next one.”

And the HGTV star’s biggest fan, her husband Josh, left a sweet message. “So very proud of you and everyone involved in the making of this show! Handling every single moving part wasn’t easy, but we pulled it off as a team!” he wrote. “What people don’t see behind the screen is what goes into these shows. Proud husband moment, my wife is the hardest working, dedicated and smartest woman I know. I’m also very grateful to the entire crew and production partners, everyone’s busted their butts and we’ll see.”

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