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Christina Aguilera was so hung over [She] Couldn’t get off the couch the day she shot 1 iconic campaign

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Christina Aguilera has been famous for many years. She began her days as a Mouseketeer and rose to fame as a teenage pop star. As a multi-talent, the actor took on films like burlesque and became a coach The voice – sure, she can do everything. Even if she’s hung over. At least, that’s what she said in a recent interview with Vogue about an infamous campaign.

In 2003, Aguilera did a campaign for Versace, working directly with Donatella Versace. From the experience, she praised the designer. “Donatella was amazing and so welcoming to me,” Aguilera said. But she also clarified that the morning almost didn’t go according to plan.

“This morning [of the shoot]I actually woke up, it was like my only day off and right in the middle stripped tour,” Aguilera began. “I had gone out the night before and partied with the dancers, and that day I was so hungover. I was beyond and could barely get off the couch.”

Luckily she found help. “[The makeup artist, Pat McGrath’s] Energie was just so warm and she was just refreshing in the coolest way. She made me so comfortable just putting moisturizer on my face.”

Thankfully, the shoot wasn’t tedious and didn’t require a lot of makeup. When she went to a test shoot in her slimmed down look, “they just said, ‘No, it’s good. We’re keeping it.’” Aguilera reflects fondly on the experience. “It was just such a cool, beautiful, different thing and a different perspective on beauty for me,” she added.

One of the reasons the bare skin look worked so well for the Versace shoot was that it was in sharp contrast to Aguilera’s style at the time. During the striped Tour, Her look consisted of being edgy, sassy, ​​and yes, a little dirty (with two Rs!), showing a lot of skin, and wearing multicolored hair extensions.

In the Vogue interview, Aguilera describes her looks from this period as “living her best life”. She wanted to get into trouble and challenge the status quo just as much as her male pop peers. Unfortunately, Aguilera received a lot of backlash for her looks and attitude back then, in sharp contrast to her more traditional pop princess contemporary, Britney Spears.

But as with other iconic looks of hers (like her glamorous Hollywood lips or ability to make burlesque attire chic on the red carpet), Aguilera stands by her stripped-era looks. It was about making her own choices and presenting herself to the world that way you wanted to be seen. According to W Magazine, Aguilera even referred to that era affectionately for her 2022 appearance at LA Pride.

The 2003 Versace photo campaign was notable as a departure from Aguilera’s traditionally glamorous, over-the-top makeup look. Aguilera recalled for Vogue, “I’m a huge makeup fan and I love to go over the top. And this was the first time, especially at this time, [that] I agreed to withdraw it.”

It’s a good thing that Aguilera trusted McGrath’s instincts about her stunning, simplified looks. The pale neutrals and white-blonde hair in the shoot created a captivating effect that showed a whole new (and rather sophisticated) side of Aguilera than fans were used to at the time.

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