Monday, June 27, 2022

Christina Aguilera dons phallus band for LA Pride performance: ‘Queer community really won’

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Christina also paid tribute to her 2002 music video “Dirrty” when she landed on stage in a racy red leather chap with silver trimmings

While Azealia Banks stormed off the stage before throwing the mic and scolding promoters during her Pride performance in Miami on June 11, pop star Christina Aguilera had a gala time in LA on Sunday, June 12, as did her easily managed to impress the queer community with her glitzy outfits.

The 41-year-old singer headlined the event at the Los Angeles Historical Park and belted out some of her iconic numbers like “Beautiful,” “Lady Marmalade,” and “Bionic.” The ‘Hurt’ hitmaker also paid tribute to her 2002 music video for ‘Dirrty’ when she landed on stage in a racy red leather chap with silver trimmings. Many on social media praised the singer for her quirky and loud outfits, saying the queer community really won.

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Christina Aguilera wears a phallic strap for LA Pride appearance

The internet has praised Christina Aguilera for her iconic performance, with one of the users saying: “That’s exactly what makes her a queen! But the hilarious part, if this was any other pop girl, they would throw her “yaaaassss” in the ground! I get it lol.” Another shared, “Love how @xtina came out with the strapon #lapride.” One wrote, “Christina Aguilera wears a strapon to a Pride performance? Yes, she is a top 5 pop girl!”

The next tweeted: “I know it’s Pride month and I love this for us but why did I just see a video of Christina Aguilera wearing a green glittery strap on and Kim Petras singing to it and reaching for it .” And another said, “Well, Kim Petras jerking off Christina Aguilera’s glittery green strap-on wasn’t on my list for 2022, but here we are.” One wrote, “Christina Aguilera wears a strap-on … the queer community has.” really won.” And one added: “@xtina just performed with a strap on. Your darling never could.” One user concluded, “Wait until they get on the strap-on train. Another cookie, Nintendo moment waiting to happen. just wait for it We’re a trendsetter queen and that’s it.”

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