Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Chrissy Teigen reveals she has to ‘bandage’ her wound after giving birth to second daughter Esti Maxine

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BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA: Chrissy Teigen reflected on her postpartum life after welcoming her second daughter Esti Maxine with husband John Legend in a new Instagram post. Days after the birth of her daughter, the 37-year-old ‘Cravings All Together’ writer announced on Monday November 23 that she had to ‘tie up’ her wound and uploaded a picture to her Instagram Story showing a stain shows on her blouse. Teigen made her pregnancy public in the first photo of baby Esti she shared earlier this month.

“Omw I’m bandaging my wound and the 3.8 second clips of Beyoncé’s performance in Dubai until I get a full HBO special,” the 37-year-old mom wrote via Instagram. She posed for the photo in a black mid-length dress that had spots where she was nursing as well as down the center of her outfit. “My baby: Wah,” Teigen wrote in the comments. “Me: Learn to edit.” The cookbook author still managed to look fabulous in a gray fedora, an oversized orange cardigan, and a pair of tan suede stiletto boots. The model also shared a photo of the outfit via her Instagram story.


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Sharing the first picture of Esti with the infant’s older sister Luna Simone, 6, and older brother Miles Theodore, 4, last week, Teigen said she had to wear diapers after a caesarean.

“She’s here! Esti Maxine Stephens – the house is busy and our family couldn’t be happier 💕,” the ‘Chrissy’s Court’ star wrote alongside a picture of the newborn baby girl and her siblings. “Daddy sheds tears of joy every night when he Seeing Luna and Miles so full of love and I’m learning you still need AC section diapers!? We are in bliss. Thank you for all the love and well wishes – we feel everything!”

In a private concert earlier this month, Legend announced the birth of their second daughter and said they welcomed “the little baby this morning.” “What a blessed day,” he shared, adding that he hadn’t slept much but was feeling “energetic” after spending a lot of time in the hospital.

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