Saturday, June 25, 2022

CHOC HORROR The Chase’s Bradley Walsh breaks down in hysterics and can’t continue after VERY crude response appears

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THE Chase host Bradley Walsh collapsed in hysterics and was barely able to continue the show – after reading a very rude response.

The 62-year-old star laughed uncontrollably after being asked a question about a ‘chocolate starfish’.

Bradley read: “Which of these is NOT a true starfish species?

“A. Goosefoot Starfish. B. Red Knob Starfish. C. Chocolate Starfish.”

Brad burst out laughing, unable to finish reading the question – while Anne “The Governess” Hegerty couldn’t suppress a smile either.

And things got even more chaotic when the player chose “Chocolate Starfish” – a rough term for an anus – as the answer.

He yelled, “Why did you say that?” The poor man replied, “Funnily enough, it’s the only starfish I’ve heard of.”

When Bradley had stopped laughing, he continued: “Chocolate starfish you laid and rightly so.

“Here we go – the correct answer is…chocolate starfish is absolutely right. One step closer to home, well played.”

Anne shyly adds, “You can’t have chocolate under the sea because the sharks will eat everything.”

Viewers loved the cheeky innuendos, with one tweeting: “CHOCOLATE STARFISH I can’t breathe. And neither does Bradley.”

Another joked: “Charles & Brad laughed at chocolate starfish. It was almost rectal.”

Meanwhile, the third wrote, “I just had a pretty awkward conversation with my parents about why chocolate starfish was a weird answer.”

Bradley is famous for freaking out on the show, most notably on one of the early episodes of The Chase during a question about downhill skier Fanny Chmelar.

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