Sunday, December 5, 2021

Chicago’s mother Delisa Tucker was shot in the same spot, her 14-year-old son was killed days ago

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Tucker, a mother of six, was fatally shot in the chest while visiting the memorial to her son Kevin, which was erected near her home in the Roseland neighborhood.

Chicago-based Delisa Tucker was shot in the same spot where her teenage son Kevin Tinker was shot. The 31-year-old was fatally shot in the chest on the morning of November 24 while visiting her son’s memorial in the Roseland neighborhood. She reportedly lit candles for her son, who was killed on November 21, her family said. The police have yet to confirm whether there is a connection between the two shots. There were no arrests in this case.

Speaking of the Chicago shootings, double mass shootings were reported in June of this year. Two women were killed and at least 15 others injured in two separate mass shootings within two hours on June 27. Another mass shooting was reported in Englewood earlier this month, killing four people after a household dispute worsened. Another shooting was reported on June 24th during which dashcam footage caught two men stuck in traffic, holding open fire at another car. Four-year-old Mychal Moultry Jr. was shot twice in the head at his father’s house in September.


Delisa Tucker’s death a gang crime?

Tucker’s body was discovered just before 12:30 p.m. Wednesday by police officers lying on the sidewalk as they responded to a ShotSpotter alert. She was pronounced dead at Roseland Hospital. No witnesses were present at the scene where her teenage son was shot dead a few days ago after being thrown from several bullets. According to Police Chief Brendan Deenihan, Kevin was standing in front of a house that was attacked earlier in the day. But the police have yet to confirm whether Tinker has also been targeted. He was described as a “quiet boy” by her family, who confirmed that he was not involved in any gang activity. Police haven’t confirmed whether Tucker’s death was a gang crime, but the neighborhood where she and her son died there have been at least 26 fatal shootings this year, according to The Post.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Tucker lost her brother to gun violence two years ago and nearly lost her 6-year-old daughter years earlier. Speaking to the point of sale, Pastor Donovan Price said: “It’s just sad that this whole family is basically being killed over time. I’m devastated. “Roseland remains one of the deadliest neighborhoods in Chicago, despite City Hall’s efforts to reduce the violence there and in 14 other community areas grappling with gun and gang problems Chicago.

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