Monday, November 28, 2022

‘Chaotic Housewrecker’: ‘RHOP’ fans slam Mia after she admits Gordon Thornton was married during their relationship

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‘So wait!!! Mia slept with G while he was getting married on the beach with people watching??? Did I hear that correctly??? #rhop,” one fan wrote

POTOMAC, MARYLAND: If you thought Mia Thornton couldn’t get any more confusing and messy after her cancer drama and her very confusing explanation of working at a ‘high-end’ hotel, the ‘Real Housewives of Potomac”. managed to leave fans of the show shocked and surprised when she accidentally revealed that she slept with her current husband Gordon Thornton while he was married to someone else!

Though Mia and Gordon’s unlikely pairing raised a lot of questions and curiosity in everyone’s minds, the reality star tried to smooth things over by explaining that she met her husband while working at a high-end hotel. The housewife claimed Gordon was so smitten with her that he would pay huge sums of money just to sit and talk to her. But it seems Mia forgot to add that he was already married at the time while he was busy shelling out big bucks to “talk to her.” On the recently aired episode of “RHOP,” Mia and Gordon reminisce about the early days of their romance while planning a trip to Miami, Florida. Mia recalled her and Grodon having sex in public on a Miami beach with everyone watching. She also casually mentioned that his wife was waiting for him at home while he was busy romance her on the Miami beaches!


After seeing Mia brag about having slept with a married man, ‘RHOP’ fans had some strong feelings about it. One fan tweeted: “#RHOP Messy Mia is a messy house wrecker?!” “So Mia is a lover and a liar. Got it #RHOP,” one fan wrote. “So hold on!!! Mia slept with G while he was getting married on the beach with people watching??? Did I hear that right??? #rhop,” wondered one fan. “Soooooooo Mia says she was home breaking the law sugar baby definitely #rhop,” commented one fan.

Another fan shared: “Mia just admits she had an affair with G right? So he was married when they met at the strip club and then went to Miami together while he was married? and she’s bragging about it… #RHOP.” “Wait, G dived and did it at home in Miami with Mia and his wife! #rhop,” one fan pointed out. “Wait a moment! Mia was Gordon’s sneaky link??! I don’t remember her mentioning how they met in the last season! #RHOP,” echoed one fan. “The same Mia who acted like other women’s husbands wanted her is a proud homemaker…. Explains why she likes to think everyone wants her #RHOP,” commented one fan.

Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7 airs every Sunday at 8:7c on Bravo and is available to stream on the Peacock and Bravo apps.

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