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Carrie Underwood’s 5 Most Popular Music Videos

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At this year’s Grammy Awards, Carrie Underwood took home her 10th Video of the Year award – a new record. After their victory further american idol Season 4 in 2005, Underwood shot to country music fame. The 39-year-old was the first country artist ever to top the Billboard Top 100 chart and has since amassed 28 No. 1 singles.

But awards aside, Underwood’s relationship skills have really earned her a place in people’s hearts. Whether it’s getting revenge on a cheating boyfriend or donning stretchy pants at a holiday party, the Oklahoma native can do it all, and she does it in jeans and rhinestones. Here’s a look at Underwood’s top five most popular music videos, according to IMVDb, and the stories behind them.

Based on the 1983 novel by Stephen King, ChristineUnderwood’s Two Black Cadillacs is about two women who go to a funeral – one the wife of the deceased, the other (played by Underwood) his lover. After discovering the man’s infidelity, the women hatch a plan to kill him.

At the end of the video, the car appears to be responsible for the scammer’s murder. The song was released on Underwood’s fourth album, blown away.

Underwood’s 2014 duet “Somethin’ Bad” with Miranda Lambert is something great. The action-movie-meets-country song follows the blonde bombshells (in disguises and glamorous outfits) as they rob a bank and cheat a poker table full of men out of their money. The video ends with an explosion and the women escape by helicopter – nothing short of an explosion.

In 2017, Underwood collaborated with one of country music’s biggest stars: Keith Urban. The pair reunited for Urban’s The Fighter, with Underwood starring on the track.

The video borrows heavily from the song’s pop-electronic beat and features killer break-dance-style moves by dancer Lindsay Richardson. However, Underwood steals the show by fooling around and dancing as she lights up the track with her incredible vocals while Urban performs alongside her.

The first of Underwood’s #1 hits, “Jesus, Take the Wheel,” debuted in 2005, right after Underwood became the fourth winner of American Idol. Included as track four on their debut album, some hearts, “Jesus, Take the Wheel” tells the story of a young mother traveling back to her family for Christmas when she encounters an ice surface. Desperate, the young woman reinvests in her faith, prays to Jesus and is saved.

Not surprisingly, Underwood’s most popular music video is “Before He Cheats.” The song, released in 2006, remains the singer’s most popular song. Interestingly, “Before He Cheats” is not Underwood’s highest-charting single; this title is one of the American Idols Debut single “Inside Your Heaven”.

“Before He Cheats,” which has become something of a breakup anthem, sees Underwood as a woman who takes justice into her own hands after discovering her lover is cheating on her. Undoubtedly bringing to the song what many have imagined in a similar position, Underwood describes how she destroyed the scammer’s beloved car by adjusting the paint job, smashing the headlights with a bat and carving her initials on its seats.

The song and accompanying video were instrumental in creating Underwood’s image as a confident woman in a genre historically male-dominated. She continues to be a force to be reckoned with.

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