Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Carrie Ann Inaba opens up about ‘heartbreaking’ loss

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As part of her blog, Carrie Ann Conversations, Dancing With the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba opened up about a “heartbreaking” loss she’s experienced – getting lost in her previous relationships.

Here’s what Carrie Ann had to say:

In her Instagram Stories, Carrie Ann wanted to draw her fans’ attention to her blog, Carrie Ann Conversations, and her latest post, which is about the loss of losing yourself in a relationship, something she’s experienced many times herself Has.

CarrieAnn says:

On the website, the article in question is titled “Have you lost yourself to emotional manipulation?” and in it, Carrie Ann talks about how you might think you’re equal partners with your significant other, but you might not be, and compares it to a dance partner who doesn’t allow you to express yourself.

She writes:

You struggle with the edge of you and the border of them. Misunderstanding their empathy and compassion with their regret and heartache. Taking the damage from a tornado and trying to hold on with bloody fingernails. Caught in the dance of their thunderstorms. You think you’re equal partners, but you’re tied… dragged by their violent choreography. When you know her dance so well, it soon feels like your own. You perform your pain performance on demand and wait for the applause. Just to have a room of deafening silence. A standing ovation for someone else’s life. The choices you didn’t know you made. That’s not you. You have to find your advantage. Start now. Begin, please. grab blindly. fall into the abyss At least then you know how far you have to climb. fall to get you up.

The blog post goes on to list some warning signs and red flags to look out for when you may not be who you used to be and your partner is “gnawing at your sense of self.” It then shares tips for readers on how to heal, overcome the loss, and learn to trust themselves again.

Carrie Ann was last in a relationship about a year ago. She and then-boyfriend Fabien Viteri split in May 2021. At the time, she said in an Instagram story: “I’m single. Once again. I’m also… thankful for what was. Confused. future uncertain. Sad. hopeful. Try to allow the emotions. try to be strong I leave myself room to cry. And I will grow And I will continue to develop. And I will survive this too. And I will honor the gift that it was.”

On her Instagram Stories, Carrie Ann said she’s been hesitant to promote her blog too much, but she wants to start sharing it more in hopes it can help people.

“‘Carrie Ann Conversations’ is a website that I created with two fellow writers, Becca Evans and Ellen Synocropy, and myself,” explained the former dancer. “There are articles that are just meant to help you on your life journey because we know life can be confusing and difficult and challenging when you are trying to understand everything and have a lot to do so we figured just so we can help.”

She added, “I’ve never really pushed people to check out Carrie Ann Conversations, but we’ve worked really hard on the site and I’d love for you to check it out. It’s my passion project and I was shy to push it but I think it could help people. I hope it will. I just want you to think of us as your friends on this journey called life, someone you can count on.”

She concluded by saying it “would mean a lot [her]’ if people looked at your page. The site has different sections depending on what people are searching for, including Home, Identity, Conversations, Health and Wellness, and Carrie Ann’s Favorite Stuff.

Dancing With the Stars returns for Season 31 on Disney Plus in Fall 2022.

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