Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Cardi B ‘Hot S**t’ Fan Review: Rapper’s New Song Is Dubbed ‘The Flop Of The Century’

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In a new interview, Cardi revealed that the song “predates ‘WAP’ a bit as it was originally recorded in 2019

Cardi B made an official comeback on Friday, July 1 after releasing her latest single, “Hot S**t,” which also features legendary rappers Kanye West and Lil Durk on vocals. The award-winning rapper, who will not be releasing a music video for the track, also shared new photos with her fans on Instagram on the same day.

Cardi B may have done her best to hype her latest solo single, but it seems hip-hop fans aren’t ready for it. The ‘WAP’ hitmaker’s new release drew derision on Twitter as many dubbed it the ‘flop of the century’. For the layman, just hours before the song was released, Lil Durk had dubbed Cardi’s track “Song of the Year” on Instagram.

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Many on social media called out Cardi B about her flow, saying she reads the lyrics instead of rapping. On the song, the 29-year-old presenter spat, “I don’t know which is longer, man, my block list or my checklist/ I don’t know which is colder, man, my heart or my necklace/ Pretty when I wake up.” , I’m a bad bi**h at breakfast/ might still slide on an opp (it’s electric)”

Lil Durk, on the other hand, raps, “I choose my side, switch full and I die for 21 (Slaughter Gang) / I’ve got a lot of cars, I’ve hit a lot of stars and haven’t come / I’ve said it many times I pay for dead bodies, I pay.” not for none.” Kanye’s verse comes at the end where he raps, “Pinky swear you ain’t scared when you heard Ye show up / I’m gonna jump out of the bushes, me and Pusha kill your man / I’m just saying, now I’m starting to get used to the pain/ until one day I say fuck it and got my masseuse on the plane.” You can stream the full song here.

Cardi B fails to impress fans

“The album cover is way better than the song all 3 did mid asf,” said one user, as another shared, “This is gonna flop it’s over.” One person claimed, “Aa head bardigang I like the song not and I’m disappointed,” while another chimed in, calling the track a “flop of the century.”

The next tweeted, “Yes verse was weak, could have taken that to another level, very chewy but not a bad song.” One user said, “NO. Not here for that. I honestly liked Cardi’s verse, but he seemed like a robot. Like the flow wasn’t there.” Another concluded, “Why she sounds like she’s reading the lyrics, no flow, just reading. I’ll be honest it doesn’t give her any star quality, she sounded regular.”

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