Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Captain Jason Teases ‘Below Deck Down Under’ Season 2: ‘We’ve Been Thrown A Lot More Curve Balls’

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said Captain Jason Chambers Below Deck Down Under Season 2 will be a beefed up version of the Australian iteration of the series and he shared some lessons he learned from filming Season 1.

Bravo announced this Below Deck Down Under would get another season with Chambers at the helm. Chief Stew Aesha Scott will be returning and fans will have to wait to see if there are other crew members with them Below Deck Down Under Season 1 returns.

Chambers couldn’t tell much about it Below Deck Down Under However, Season 2 said that this time he and his crew faced even more challenges. “Knowing that Aesha was coming back… Season 2, we wanted to spice up the game a bit,” he told Hannah Ferrier Dear reality, you are upset podcast.

“I think we learned a lot from Season 1,” he continued. “I definitely did. And I know Aesha did it too. So we tried to improve the game as much as possible. We’ve had a lot more curveballs thrown at us than in Season 1, so this will be interesting to watch. And I think after we had the groundwork after season 1, we did really well in season 2.”

Chambers learned what almost everyone else did Under deck Captain learns in his first season Below Deck Down Under – he doesn’t see what’s really going on below deck. He was surprised to see the massive drama involving his crew as he watched Below Deck Down Under Season 1.

“Especially since it was my first time as a captain, it was my first season, the production team obviously just let it go,” he recalled of Season 1. “And I didn’t know a process or didn’t see the process before, yes it was very difficult to navigate.”

“Probably the most shocking thing among them was when (Chef) Ryan (McKeon) threw glass at someone when they weren’t there,” Chambers said. “If we had experienced this type of violence from a crew member, I would have been brought to my attention immediately. Any crew member would have been taken to the captain immediately. Because, as you know, we would not tolerate the crew behaving like that in a public setting.” While drinking at a local bar, McKeon challenged a couple of men, who began swearing at the women on the street Below Deck Down Under Crew.

Chambers said the other instance that surprised him was the rescue of a misguided tender. “The other, that was a surprise to me, but it turned out great in the end. When we salvaged a tender at the end of the season,” he said. “It was left there. It was rough seas and we assembled the crew and it was a very unsafe situation to rescue this drifting dinghy.”

He recalled that the rescue mission was a learning experience for the crew.

“We talked about it, talked about risk management and came through as a team and did well,” he noted. “And now looking back and knowing all the rumble that was going on week and week after week… Gosh, it was kind of a mutiny going on underneath. Then they can actually see it. And then at the end the result of really good teamwork. That was a wonderful result. And little did I know all that rumble was going on underneath every week. “

Peacock has not yet announced a release date Below Deck Down Under Season 2.

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