Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Candis Meredith’s net worth: Tearful ‘Homework’ host, husband denies cheating on clients

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Allegations of shoddy work, unsafe working conditions and a lack of communication turned the Merediths’ life into a nightmare

Candis Meredith, a Utah home remodeler and co-host on the HGTV channel’s “Home Work,” has now come online to dismiss all allegations against her and her husband. Candis co-hosted the show with her husband Andy Meredith and the two worked together to transform an old school into a comfortable family home. The show chronicled the couple’s many home renovation projects, as well as some initiatives they took to help others restore their own homes.

The Merediths recently received backlash from some of the clients who appeared on the show, claiming the couple left their projects unfinished, took their time and did more than they originally asked for. This created a tense situation, with the couple accused of sloppy work, unsafe working conditions and a lack of communication. Magnolia Network decided to pull this show from Discovery Plus and the cable network after the news broke.


What is Candis Meredith Net Worth?

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The allegations have resulted in harsh treatment for the couple and their family, with their child being bullied by other students at their school. In fact, the couple had to take her out of school for their daughter’s safety. The Merediths also received a number of death threats. Subsequently, the Merediths decided to discuss it on their joint Instagram account.

A Utah resident complained against the couple and wrote a lengthy blog post about the difficulties they faced due to their poor management. The couple assured residents that they would renovate their kitchen for $20,000 in three weeks in 2019. They later mentioned that an additional $5,000 would be charged, bringing the total for the first week to $25,000. There are a few other residents on the list who believe the Merediths have deceived them.

“We don’t believe in online bullying, we believe this attack was specifically calculated for the day before the network launched and we hope this can lead to the narrative continuing on a more equal playing field without malicious intent” , Candis said in her Instagram video. “We fully admit that we took on too much at once and that this has been a tough road for these four clients’ renovation projects,” she wrote in the caption of one of her videos.

Candis Meredith has great success building and renovating. Due to her hard work, her net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. The Merediths are co-founders of Old Home Love, as well as co-founders and COOs of Home Love Network. By the time they set up their YouTube channel, their work had garnered a lot of attention, and the duo quickly found success at an unimaginable rate. This helped them land a show on the Magnolia network, which brought them additional capital.

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