Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Candance Owens leaks ‘cute little’ Kim Kardashian’s voicemail and calls Whitney Houston an ‘old hag’

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“Go have fun with the old hag Whitney, you’re so sick and crack ain’t your thing,” Kim Kardashian is heard saying in the message

WASHINGTON, DC: Candace Owens appears to be fanning the flames that started with Kanye West’s “White Lives Matter” sweatshirt debacle. The conservative commenter recently released a voicemail Kim Kardashian left for her ex Ray J on an episode of her podcast on Monday, October 10th. Candance claims the audio shows Kim Kardashian’s true self. Additionally, Owens ended her statement by calling out Kim for using black men to get ahead in life. In the voicemail, Kim also called Ray J “desperate.”

Owens didn’t clarify the source of the intimate voicemail between the former celebrity couple. However, she explained that the “cute little Kim K she’s presenting today” is “nasty.” “She calls Whitney Houston a crackhead and she yells at Ray J. It’s the opposite version of Kim Kardashian that your kids followed.” She discussed the content of the voicemail before posting it exclusively on her YouTube channel.


Owens repeatedly mentions that Kim has used black men to reach greater heights throughout her career. In the voicemail, the reality star mentions his then-girlfriend Whitney in the audio and thinks the couple are funny. “You’re just so desperate you’d do anything for friggin’ attention, and you’re so gross,” Kardashian reportedly said. “Go have fun with the old hag Whitney, you’re so sick – and like crack it’s definitely not a hit with you guys. You guys are just honestly it makes me laugh at how gross you guys look,” she continued in the audio note.

Owens believes Kim was jealous of Ray J’s fame during this time because of his relationship with the late singer. Owens may then invite Ray J to be part of her podcast to reveal more secrets about the Kardashian family. She later dubbed the influential family the “Hollywood Cartel” because of the “control they have in Hollywood.” She explained that the family told several lies to get jobs, leaving victims on their way up.

The Candace-KimYe drama began way back when the former Kim called in about releasing her own sex tape with the help of her mom, Kris Jenner. Kanye West was later photographed with the announcer wearing sweatshirts that read “White Lives Matter.” Kanye’s ex-wife wasn’t silent, explaining that the rapper was doing it “for the attention.”

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