Sunday, October 2, 2022

Candace Cameron Bure insists she ‘keeps it real’

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Former Hallmark star Candace Cameron Bure has been on television for most of her life, and her fans have loved watching her grow from a young child on ‘Full House’ to a fully grown Christmas movie icon. She recently joined GAC Family to develop new shows and fans are excited to get their first taste of her new content. As hard as Bure has been working on her various projects, she recently took to Instagram to share a sweet break she’s been taking from set. She noted that she kept things real with her fans, and they loved her for it.

Here’s what you need to know:

On September 10, Bure posted a selfie on her Instagram page. While her fans think she ages beautifully and almost always looks stunning, this selfie was a little different. The photo showed Bure sitting under a dryer typically found in a hair salon, with a towel slung over her shoulders. She covered her mouth with her left hand as she smiled, and she had a handful of foils in her hair.

The GAC star credited Los Angeles colorist Debi Dumas for the job and thanked her for a job well done. “Just to keep it real,” Bure admitted in her caption. She was grateful to Dumas for “making those grays blonde again.” Fans might picture Bure as a blonde, but she’d apparently noticed that a fair amount of gray hair has been creeping in lately. Dumas commented on “was gray” with a crying emoji, and Bure’s message of hugging her blonde certainly resonated with many of her Instagram followers.

“Treasure this real girl. I’m considering silvering my hair,” commented one of Bure’s fans.

“The fight is real!!” explained another fan.

Many of Bure’s followers supported the star’s decision to dye her hair. Quite a few, however, suggested that she embraces the grey. In fact, at least a few people have been quite bold in voicing that view.

“You have defeated us! Glad I’m not the only person doing this. Looks great sheet metal and all,” teased another fan.

“Get gray and natural for once. All this fake hair dye and botox and plastic surgery is no good for you!” slammed one critic.

“It’s about time women embraced the grey! Don’t be wrong, let’s see who you really are! Just as beautiful, I’m sure,” added another.

“It’s so liberating not to worry about my grays anymore. I love them, but everyone has to be true to themselves! You would be beautiful with any hair color,” shared another supporter.

Whether fans of Bure’s loved her decision to cover the grays or expressed a wish for her to hug her, almost all commenters were unanimous in their love for the “Fuller House” star. She didn’t share an “after” photo of her updated color after her appointment, as some have asked, but she sounded pretty happy with how the process was going.

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