Thursday, September 22, 2022

Camille Vasquez BLASTed for ‘undermining DV victims’ by claiming Johnny Depp was ‘too drunk’ to attack Amber Heard

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“I really can’t believe that Camille Vasquez basically said, ‘How can you be abused when the abuser is an alcoholic,'” one tweeted

The 38-year-old attorney became an instant celebrity thanks to her cross-examination during the 2022 trial between the exes. However, her recent comments in the Discovery+ documentary Johnny vs Amber: The US Trial seem to have sparked a wave of criticism against her. The trial between Depp, 59, and Heard, 36, dominated the news cycle from April to June 2022, with Depp eventually winning his lawsuit against Heard over a comment she penned in 2018 claiming to be a domestic violence survivor. Depp won three defamation cases while Heard won one. Both sides are reportedly appealing the verdicts, with Heard bringing in a new legal team to represent them.

Camille Vasquez, who rose to worldwide fame after representing Johnny Depp in his libel suit against Amber Heard, is now facing backlash for claiming her client did not harm his ex-wife when he was “too drunk and high “ was to get up .


‘What’s next?’: Camille Vasquez says Johnny Depp wouldn’t have appealed if it wasn’t for Amber Heard

The new documentary that has aired goes behind the scenes of the courtroom drama and reveals the tactics used by Depp’s legal team ahead of the appeals court hearing. Attorneys Vasquez and Benjamin Chew star in the new film, which captures tactical discussions between them, Newsweek reported.

However, a statement made by Vasquez in the documentary seems to have struck a chord, particularly among those familiar with domestic violence. “That’s a part of the case that I never understood,” she says while discussing Heard’s testimony about Depp’s behavior. “He’s either drunk and high and can’t even get up, or he’s drunk and high and able to attack her, chase her, throw punches? It just doesn’t make sense.”

Social media has been inundated with criticism of the star lawyer for her comments. “This is just new, Camille Vasquez doesn’t think drunk or drugged people can attack anyone. I’m sure victims around the world would have a different opinion. Absolutely silly,” one tweeted. “I really can’t believe Camille Vasquez basically said ‘how can one be abused when the abuser is an alcoholic,'” wrote another. “I just remember for no reason that the main proponents of the ban were women who were fed up with being beaten to a pulp by their drunk husbands and it was easier to ban alcohol than men I think,” suggested someone else before.

“Imagine being an attorney representing DV and not understanding that different drugs can affect your mind/body differently. It also undermines how many IPV/DV victims suffer at the hands of partners who abuse drugs,” another said angrily, adding, “I really detest Camille Vasquez because all of her defenses against DV and IPV are based on stereotypes and victim allegations are based. No one would take her seriously if their target wasn’t Amber, she’s really bad at her job.”


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Despite the criticism, Vasquez made a name for himself as one of the driving forces behind Depp’s win in his multimillion-dollar defamation case against Heard.

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