Sunday, June 26, 2022

‘Buckhead Shore’ on MTV: How Parker Lipman will meet his past and present loves under one roof

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The 28-year-old American actor is ready to make his debut on upcoming MTV reality show Buckhead Shore.

MTV is an American cable channel with unique shows that never let us down. Now the network is back with another reality show called Buckhead Shore. If you love drama, reality TV, romance and summertime extravagance, you should definitely check out the show.

Airing June 23, 2022, the reality show is about a group of young friends who meet at Lake Lanier to escape their hectic lives and spark drama between friends and exes. The upcoming show on MTV puts a Southern twist on one of the network’s most successful shows.


What was Parker Lipman’s stint in competitive boxing?

Parker Lipman, 28, is an American actor ready to make his MTV debut. Lipman had never had screen experience. He gained experience in sports before his acting skills were put to the test. Keeping active has always been important to Lipman, and boxing is one of his favorite ways to do it. He was a competitive boxer for several years, although it is unclear at what level he competed.

Parker Lipman likes to keep his life private. That’s probably one of the reasons why not much information is available about him. As far as we know about him, the actor was born in the Atlanta area of ​​Georgia where he currently resides. He is currently dating Savannah Gabriel. The girl is known for her sweet but fiery personality. She’s the one who runs Parker’s chicken shack called Zaxby’s Chicken.

Before making things official with Savannah Gabriel, Parker was in a relationship with Katie Canham, popularly known as “Queen Bae” in the group. Both Parker and Katie shared a love of fashion and that was something they bonded over. Unlike Parker, Katie enjoys using social media and giving her fans a glimpse into her life. The duo dated for four years before calling it quits. But the two are back under the same roof with his current girlfriend Savannah as part of the group. Will things take a dramatic turn or for the better? We won’t know until the show is released.

Definitely yes! Lipman has a great sense of style and is a natural when it comes to putting together outfits for any occasion. Fans will likely see him pull off some great looks in Buckhead Shore. The multi-talented actor has his hands in other business ventures as well.

See Parker Lipman in Buckhead Shore, which premieres exclusively on MTV on June 23, 2022.

Who is Parker Lipman’s ex?

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