Saturday, June 25, 2022

BTS’ RM Marriage Rumors Spark Online Frenzy, Fans Joke ‘It’s True I’m The Bride’

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Fans are joining in as “Namjoon’s Brides” after YouTuber Soyong posted an unsubstantiated rumor about BTS’ RM’s wedding in the coming days

A lot of attention is being paid to what the BTS members are up to now, as the boy band has announced a temporary suspension of group activities, aka BTS’ hiatus, to focus on their solo activities. While it’s not true that BTS is disbanding, the boy band members will continue to perform together in the form of variety shows and more from time to time, with a focus on their solo pursuits, something they haven’t paid any attention to for the past nine years . Much chaos followed the announcement of the BTS break as some misinterpreted the message as a breakup message and BTS leader RM (Kim Namjoon) had to take it upon himself to clear up the mistranslations.

RM shared a message to fans that BTS was not going anywhere and would continue their group activities going forward, assuring fans that nothing would change. But it seems like the Korean media is bent on believing anything and everything floating on the internet. RM recently took a short trip to Switzerland with his friends and as of June 24, the rapper is safely back in South Korea as he shared a photo dump from his trip on Instagram. But to his knowledge, another claim is making the rounds on Twitter, claiming that the BTS leader is getting married soon and chats from his alleged “spouse” have been leaked online.


Is BTS Marrying Namjoon?

For the past several years, there has been a constant inside joke in the BTS fandom that RM (Namjoon) is already a married man with kids at rock bottom. However, fans always took this joke for just that, but Korean media don’t think so. YouTube channel Soyong, the notorious Korean-American news portal notorious for unsubstantiated rumors, reported that BTS’ RM would be getting married soon. In a video posted on June 23, the YouTuber claimed chats from RM’s alleged spouse were leaked online, in which they were discussing their “upcoming wedding” with a famous K-pop idol with one of their acquaintances. Soong is the same YouTuber who originally leaked the news that popular singer Seo Taiji had secretly married, before local news confirmed it.

The rumor about Seo Taiji, which originally came from YouTuber Sojang, was later debunked as true, but fans of BTS take the rumor with a grain of salt. In recent years, Soyong has reported a lot of unsubstantiated rumors about K-pop idols from popular groups to embroil them in controversy, but they have often been proven false. Regarding the BTS RM dating news, YouTuber Soyong claimed that RM’s alleged spouse has been a BTS fan since 2014 and comes from a wealthy family and also graduated from a prestigious Ivy League university. Additionally, the alleged KakaoTalk conversation revealed that the alleged spouse had texted her boyfriend, revealing that they would soon be marrying RM, the leader of BTS.

Fans are now taking the rumor of RM’s marriage and making it their own by sharing who Kim Namjoon’s real spouse is. ARMYs claim they are marrying RM themselves to help bolster the rumour. One fan said, “Kim Namjoon is getting married,” the bride: “Another fan joked, “Too many “I’m the bride” in the comments when I’m Namjoon’s only wife. One fan joked, “I really don’t like this and it’s really disrespectful not only to Namjoon but also to myself who the bride-to-be will be. It should be private even with our family and few friends.”

Another fan said: “Can you respect our privacy? Namjoon and I weren’t ready to share our wedding announcement. But now that it’s out. I AM, I AM THE BRIDE. HE WILL MARRY ME.” One fan said, “I’m having a hard time shutting up but urghhh I think everyone already knew I was the bride. But my biggest hurdle is jk. Another fan said: “Namjoon and everyone in the qrts is like ‘oh my god how did you find out about us?'”

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