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Bruno Mars was arrested for drug offenses early in his career, but his record is now clean

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Bruno Mars is a musician who is difficult to classify in genre and tone. Equally popular for fun and silly pop music like “The Lazy Song,” heartfelt hums of love and loss in hits like “When I Was Your Man,” and sexy tunes like “Locked Out of Heaven,” the singer has definitely given fans a big one Selection of options.

In a way, this shift in tone reflects Mars’ own life and career path. Early in his stint in the spotlight, Mars had a number of scandals, including an arrest on drug charges. But both his act and his behavior have been cleaned up in recent years.

Born in 1985 and raised in Hawaii, Mars grew up around music and an appreciation for the craft. His parents are both musicians themselves. Even as a small child he adopted his well-known stage name Bruno. (His first name is Peter Gene Hernandez). He took on entertainment roles, impersonated Elvis and Michael Jackson, and joined his family’s band.

It wasn’t until the mid-2000s that Mars experienced mainstream success. But once it started, it started fast! One challenge Mars had to overcome was racial stereotypes. His last name (Hernandez) and racial background made him appear as a traditional Latino star. But that mood didn’t match what he was trying to do.

Eventually, he paved the way for his own unique style by collaborating with many pop and hip-hop artists. His collaboration with BoB entitled “Nothin’ On You” served as an introduction to both artists and sent them to number one. The next year (2010), Mars’ first solo album, Doo wops & hooligans released with great fanfare.

Just as his name was topping the charts, Mars ran into legal troubles that belied the less palatable side of his public image. Even the album title Doo wops & hooligans suggested a duality of the singer’s identity. A “doo wop” refers to a 1950s vocal harmony associated with a cleaner era of health. Meanwhile, a “hooligan” is slang for a young troublemaker, often associated with a gang. Mars pulled off a bit of both on his album, treating fans to fun pop songs like “Marry You” as well as darker tracks like “Liquor Store Blues.”

In 2010, the artist had his own real-life substance-related blues. A fun night out in Vegas turned sour when Bruno Mars was arrested for drug possession. As Mojo reports, he pleaded guilty and participated in a drug education program, paid fines, and did community service to make up for his mistake.

A few years later, Mars was on the cover of GQ, speaking about his misstep and what he learned from it. “‘I can take that shit away from you, young man.’ That was the lesson,” he said. “You’ve toiled for years and years and years. You have prepared your whole life. It’s all you can do. You’re a kid experiencing life in damn Sin City, and that was the lesson: everything can be taken away. Take you to a strange place. embarrass you.”

Mars seems to have taken the lesson of the universe to heart. Since then, he has had no drug-related incidents that tarnished his career.

That’s not to say he hasn’t gotten a taste of controversy, too, though. As BuzzFeed reports, the singer – who is of Filipino, Hispanic and Jewish descent – has faced allegations of black culture appropriation. Many collaborators came to Mars’ defense, and Mars himself pointed out how many times in his interviews he has thanked the black artists who came before him.

Meanwhile, Mars has also faced legal trouble over some copyright claims over hit samples. As Think Progress reports, some of the hits he worked on (including “Blurred Lines” and “Uptown Funk”) became embroiled in a larger cultural and legal debate about sampling, credit, and copyright.

All in all, accusations of appropriation and dealing with legal nuances for lyric rights are much more tied to Mars’ success, a sign that he’s learned his lesson and put his earlier drug-related public misstep behind him.

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