Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Britney Spears in Settlement Talks Could Settle Lawsuit With Dad Jamie and Tri-Star Group for $7M

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Britney’s lawyer recently accused Jamie and the group Tri Star Sports & Entertainment of cheating the singer out of huge sums of money

CALABASAS, LOS ANGELES: Britney Spears is reportedly in settlement talks after her attorney Mathew Rosengart recently confronted her father Jamie, 70, to end his conservatory litigation. Jamie and his former chief executive, Lou Taylor of Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group, have been accused of cheating Britney out of huge sums of money while she was under his watch, which both denied.

In August 2021, Britney accused her father of attempting to blackmail her by demanding $2 million as a “quid pro quo” condition in his agreement to retire as a restorer. Jamie was then officially suspended as Britney’s conservator in September 2021. Rosengart agreed that Jamie and the management group would have to pay $7 million to settle their litigation, according to TMZ, but it was also reported that the numbers could differ and are not accurate.


Rosengart repeatedly claimed that he planned to get justice done for his client. The attorney won the conservatorship battle over Britney on November 12, 2021, calling it a “massive legal victory” but concluded by saying the “investigation into financial mismanagement and other issues continues.” He has now appealed to get both parties to agree. According to the Daily Mail, he contacted the management company to go ahead with the deal. While Britney was placed under guardianship in 2008 and all her decisions were controlled by her family, Jamie received an estimated $6 million over 13 years at Britney’s Conservatory and Tri-Star collected 5% of the singer’s “adjusted gross entertainment receipts,” as the New York Times reported.

Jamie felt it was unfair that only he had to testify when two people were involved in the case. He added that she should also testify so she could tell the full story of her conservatorship, but Rosengart argued that testifying would only traumatize Britney again after he won her case. Jamie’s attorney, Alex Weingarten, argued, “The right to testify can seldom be denied. In California, discovery is a matter of law.” Still, Rosengart claimed the “court’s ruling was thoughtful, thorough, and correct.” “Rather than wasting extra time bothering his daughter, Mr. Spears would be better off accepting his losses and moving on,” Rosengart said. Britney has also signed a $15 million deal to publish her bombastic memoir with Simon & Schuster, which she completed in July. The memoir is rumored to be available in stores in 2023.

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