Thursday, January 19, 2023

Brian Wilson’s Favorite Disney Song from “Dumbo”

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Brian Wilson is an award-winning songwriter with an affinity for Disney soundtracks. The Beach Boy praised Randy Newman for Pixar’s recent hits, specifically mentioning his appreciation for one dumbo song inside I’m Brian Wilson: A Memoir.

The Beach Boys (and Brian Wilson) are the musicians behind “God Only Knows”, “Good Vibrations” and “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”.

There’s even some overlap between this surf rock group and The Walt Disney Company. According to Disney Fandom, The Beach Boys performed in The monkey’s uncle (1965) in which they [performed] ‘The Monkey’s Uncle’ with Annette Funicello.”

With Funicello, known for her role as Mouseketeer in The Mickey Mouse Club“The Monkey’s Uncle” is now included The best of Annett Album.

Years earlier, the Beach Boys released their song “Disney Girls.” Surfing is hip, which in the lyrics refer to fantasy worlds and wishes that come true. In his memoir, Brian Wilson mentioned Disney Studios and his favorite songs for their animated films.

Wilson specifically praised Disney films for their music, noting that the company’s amusement park was a “big deal.” In his memoirs, this artist explained that the first wave of films came out before he was born or when he was a “little baby.”

“One thing these films did was deliver great songs to audiences,” Wilson wrote I’m Brian Wilson: A Memoir. “It goes from the newer Randy Newman songs that blow my mind to songs like ‘Baby Mine.’ dumbo.”

Randy Newman is the songwriter behind some of Pixar’s original soundtracks. He performed “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” for toy story, also credits “We Belong Together”. toy story 3 and “McQueen and Sally” for Cars.

“‘Baby Mine’ was beautiful,” he remarked. “It has a beautiful melody and is so much fun to sing. It’s one of my favorite cuts on this record. Paul and I selected and arranged for that as well, just as we did with the Gershwin.”

In Disney’s cartoon, Dumbo’s mother sings this song to her son. Though physically unable to be together, their trunks intertwine as Dumbo is comforted.

“If they knew you,” the lyrics say. “They would end up loving you too / All the same people scolding you / What they would give for it / The right to hold you / From your head to your toes / You’re not much, God knows / But you you’re as valuable to me / sweet as can be, baby of mine.”

2019, dumbo was remastered by Disney as a live-action production, naturally including “Baby Mine” in the soundtrack. This original has had over 5 million plays on Spotify, making it one of the most popular songs from the film of 2019.

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