Sunday, October 2, 2022

Brennan Elliott asks fans to pray for his wife ahead of major cancer surgery

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Hallmark star Brennan Elliott has been open and transparent with fans about his wife Cami’s cancer diagnosis and treatment. As she nears major surgery later in the week, he asks friends and fans to pray for her.

On Twitter, the account is @Ann91237283 shared details of Cami’s upcoming surgery, and Brennan chimed in to ask for prayers for his wife.

Ann wrote: “Let’s 🙏 for Cami & @brennan_elliott as she has her 2nd hipec surgery on Friday. 23.9. She is a true warrior and inspiration. 🙏 for healing for her & for comfort & ☮️ for both.”

Elliott confirmed the details when he responded to the tweet, thanking Ann for the post and asking for prayers.

Elliott wrote: “THANK YOU Ann. To be honest, I’ve just finished the heartiest Christmas film I’ve ever made. Please pray for Cami that everything is going well in her practice.”

Many other fans joined in to share that they were also praying for Cami.

Elliott also retweeted a message from one of his fans, Brenda, offering her prayers, including one from Brenda where she prayed for a speedy recovery.

According to Hopkins Medicine, HIPEC surgery stands for hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy surgery, which is used for some types of abdominal cancer. During surgery, tumors are removed and chemotherapy drugs are applied directly to the abdomen to get rid of other cancer cells. This helps, for example, to effectively treat cells that may have migrated into the mucous membrane of the abdominal cavity.

Brennan announced in early April that Cami had been diagnosed with stage IV metastatic gastric cancer. He shared that his wife had “several bouts of cancer in the past” and described cancer as “a sinister opponent who never plays fair.” But no one is “bolder, stronger, more fearless” than his wife, he said.

In an interview with People in August, Brennan shared that his wife is fine but the journey has been really difficult.

“Right now there are no signs of illness,” he told People. “That’s our pleasure. We just want to keep that crustacean away from her. It’s a lot of long nights.”

He added that he will not lie about their fight or falsely tell people everything is going well. He said it was important to him to be honest.

“Because it’s not, it’s not okay. It’s an absolute nightmare.”

Brennan stressed to People that all of the fans’ prayers meant so much to them.

Cami has also written about her experience with cancer, which Heavy shared in an article here. She said her first symptom was heartburn in December 2015 when she was 37. She said the pain was sharp, sometimes so severe that she cried. Worried about a heart attack, she went to see a cardiologist and a gastroenterologist. She was told that she simply had heartburn and should take Prilosec. But by March 2018, the pain was just unbearable, so she asked for an endoscopy. She had to wait two months, and the biopsy turned out to be malignant.

In a previous Instagram post, Brennan thanked his fans for their support.

He wrote: “All the fans have been so gracious, selfless and supportive that we thought we’d share a brief moment of this process with everyone keeping them and the kids and I in prayer! We love you and THANK YOU for being our strength when to be honest sometimes we didn’t feel very strong!”

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