Sunday, June 26, 2022

Break My Soul: New Lyrics, Meaning and Reviews by Beyoncé

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Beyoncé is back with her new song “Break My Soul”.

The Queen Bey has released a new track and the kids are calling it a bop.

“Break My Soul” is the first single from Beyoncé’s new album Renaissance.

It is the artist’s first song since his Oscar nomination Be alivefrom the movie King Richard starring Will Smith.

Beyoncé released “Break My Soul” at midnight on June 20th, and predictably the internet went wild. It samples the Robin S. House anthem Show Me Love and has guest vocals from Big Freedia.

Anticipation is now building for Renaissance — due out July 29, 2022 — the most anticipated Beyoncé album since the groundbreaking Lemonade.

But while we wait, here’s everything you need to know about Break My Soul.

Break My Soul has been described as a “smashing 1990s-style house jam” and even an anti-work anthem.

The hook “You will break my soul” deals with topics such as burnout and stress reduction.

“I just fell in love, and I just quit my job,” Beyoncé sings, “I’m gonna find a new drive, damn, they’re working so damn hard on me. Work until nine, then free after five.”

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Is she telling us to quit our jobs?? Because I will, Beyoncé, I will!”

Puja Patel, editor-in-chief of Pitchfork, said, “Beyoncé saw that it was the summer of late millennium burnout, labor movement, ’90s revival and queer pride and said, ‘Yeah, I can make a song about that.'”

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