Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Boris Becker’s son has opened up about his “obvious” good looks and people can’t believe it isn’t a parody interview

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Elias Becker told The Times it was a “great honor” to be named one of the UK’s most sought-after people by Tatler, before openly revealing that he “just had to look” [himself]“Knowing he was handsome.

The son of German tennis ace Boris Becker and German-American fashion designer Barbara Feltus has spoken out about his “obvious” good looks – and people are convinced that the bold interview is a parody.

When asked if his famous parents told him about his appearance, the 22-year-old model said, “No, I mean, they couldn’t really keep quiet. I just have to look at myself. “

“But it wasn’t really something that I thought was the only thing that mattered,” he said.

He explained how his mother would embarrass him by telling her friends how beautiful he was: “But for the past five years I have not needed any help knowing that,” he added.

Elias, who studies filmmaking at Roehampton University, believes he made it onto Tatler’s list because of his “charisma”. He revealed that his exercise regimen included pull-ups, squats, pistol squats, and stretching on a “low-veggie, low-meat diet” before referring to Popeye’s love for spinach.

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“Spinach may not taste best when you eat it raw or something,” said the DJ and actor. “But I think that’s what Popeye, or the Popeye cartoonist, was promoting: that we should eat this food, you know.”

Stunned people turned to Twitter: “This must be a parody. I can’t take this guy seriously, ”said one.

While another repeated, “LMAO, is this a parody? “No, I mean, they couldn’t really keep it quiet. I just have to look at myself. ‘”

Another conspired that he must have a publicist “trying to turn him into a meme”.

“Anyone who has to brag about how“ attractive ”they are is not attractive,” added another user.

Others who made Tatler the Top Ten Most Suitable People in the UK include:

Well, we definitely admire his confidence.

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