Saturday, November 27, 2021

Boris Becker’s son Elias trolled because he was bragging about his good looks: “You need his trust”

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Elias recently said it was a “great honor” from Tatler. to be chosen as one of the most desirable people in Great Britain

Boris Becker’s model son Elias Becker, 22, said that his parents didn’t have to tell him how well he grew up because he “only had to look at himself”. The model, who lives in London, is the son of German tennis ace Boris and German-American fashion designer Barbara. The duo divorced in 2001 after eight years of marriage. The couple share two children, Elias and his brother Noah, 27.

Elias recently said it was a “great honor” to be named one of Britain’s most sought-after people by Tatler. “They couldn’t really keep quiet about it. I just have to look at myself. But it wasn’t really something I saw as the only thing that mattered,” he told The Times of his parents. He remembered how embarrassed he would feel when his mother told her friends how beautiful he was. The model, who is also a DJ and actor, is studying film at Roehampton University.


Elias said that while he’s not sure why he made it onto the UK’s Most Suitable Society Bibles list, he thinks it is because of his “charisma”. He revealed that his diet was mainly vegetarian and low in meat. His training plan consists of pull-ups, squats, pistol squats, and stretching, as well as some tai chi.

Elias also spoke about the racism he was exposed to. “I don’t really pay attention to it because I love myself so much. I’ve always got it, but you evolve with age and somehow grow into your own person and realize who you are, ”he said.

However, Elias is now being trolled on social media for his comments on his looks. “Find someone who loves you as much as Elias Becker loves himself,” wrote a user on Twitter. “The funniest quote I’ve ever read. Elias Becker has to pull his head out of his ass,” said another user. One user wrote, accompanied by ‘laughing’ emojis: “I need Elias Becker’s trust.”

“The Adventures of Elias Becker,” 4. Most suitable bachelors “need to be turned into a six-part comedy series right away,” wrote one user while another said of Elias, “Persistently self-promoting scholars (we all know who they are) could hone their skills by they study that person “. “Really? Elias Becker the most sought-after bachelor – He’s a child – With time he has no experience, men get better in love with age – Sexy at 35 – Good music, work, then they are able to pull themselves down – In old age, their world spiritually smart, interesting, intelligent, funny, this is a man who is well done in the US, “said one user.

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