Monday, October 25, 2021

Bones Jones shadows Christian Siriano, disgruntled “Project Runway” fans say “be humble”

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“Bone, if you don’t want outside opinions, then you shouldn’t be in the fashion industry and on the show,” wrote one Project Runway fan

Working under immense stress and impending deadlines can crack even the toughest of people. Bones Jones, a season 19 contestant on Project Runway, is going to learn that lesson the hard way. The aspiring designer, who has worked with greats like Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Lopez and even starred on a Broadway show, joined Bravo’s hit show with big dreams of winning the competition and taking home the coveted $ 250,000 !

But Bones has to impress the judges – Nina Garcia, Elaine Welterorth, and Brandon Maxwell – before he takes home the award. So when the show’s sixteen aspiring designers were challenged to create a color-themed collection in 48 hours, Bones was determined to master it. Participants were split into two teams – warm team and cool team, and participants had to work as a team and put together an impressive collection in order to continue their stint on the show and not be eliminated. Go home as a member of the losing team, while a member of the winning team is given immunity to be eliminated during the next challenge! So the stakes are pretty high.


The teams began to work seriously to complete their outfit within the time allotted. The warm team chose the concept of a fun night on the town, while the cool team chose arches as the concept. Although all outfits looked fabulous individually, there was a lack of cohesion in the warm team’s collection. When the attendees mentor Christian Siriano pointed this out, Bones didn’t appreciate the feedback.

He immediately referred to Christian’s feedback as an “outside voice” and urged his team members not to heed the mentor’s advice or feedback. Bones also pointed out that his entire team’s collection looked fabulous and very cohesive. Christian was obviously not pleased with the shadow that was thrown at him and immediately retaliated by telling Bones that he was only there to help the designers with his constructive criticism and that he would like to hold back if they didn’t want to . All the warm team members immediately gathered around Christian and told him that they needed his advice and were open to his feedback, while Bones just continued his work without paying any attention to Christian.

Unimpressed by Bone’s behavior, many fans went to Twitter to shout him out for casting shadows on someone trying to help him. A fan tweeted: “Read em Christian. Bones really let himself be persuaded by a leadership position to make a fool of himself. Another fan wrote, “I don’t like bones that he thinks work with celebs who know everything and better than anyone else #ProjectRunway.” “Wow, Bones. Like Christian or not. That was a huge border crossing and disrespectful. #ProjectRunway,” commented one fan.

Another fan added, “Bones, if you don’t want outside opinions, then you shouldn’t be in the fashion industry and on the show #projectrunway.” “Oh no, he didn’t !!! Bones had better not dissolve Christian Siriano! #ProjectRunway,” said one fan. “Bones is a self-important, nameless diva. You may have designed for Beyoncé, but it’s a big mistake, yours Mentor on the show to follow Christian. Huge! Be humble, Bones! Nobody likes to know everything. #ProjectRunway. ” suggested a fan. “Christian is a whole designer with a successful business and is popular. Bones wants what he has in the fashion industry. Still, he talks about him as if they accidentally pulled him off the street. #ProjectRunway,” emphasized one fan.

‘Project Runway’ Season 19 airs every Thursday at 9/8 a.m. on Bravo.

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