Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Body language expert shares theory on why some people don’t like Meghan Markle

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A body language expert explained his theory as to why some people hate Meghan Markle. During an analysis of the Netflix documentary Harry & MeganThe expert pinpointed a Meghan moment that illustrates how she rubs people the wrong way.

In a video for The art of behavior Body language analyst Spidey on the YouTube channel pointed to a moment in the documentaries when Meghan was telling a story.

In the clip, Meghan opened up about how she and Harry camped out together in Botswana for their third date. They were enjoying their alone time, but Meghan had concerns about how safe they were inside the tent. Harry was there to comfort and protect her.

Retelling the story, she shared her concerns about flying to Botswana with Harry. “What if we don’t like each other?” she asked. “And then we’re stuck in a tent in the middle of the bush?”

The documentary features Meghan and Harry sitting together, where she explains the worries she had while camping. “Middle of the night, just… I hear this rustling. I see a shadow and I’m like, ‘Oh my god. What is that?’ It’s like an elephant eating leaves above the tent,” she said. “I’m like, ‘Are we sure? Is that in order?’ He says: “We’re fine. I promise I will protect you.’”

She added, “And I believed him.”

Harry interjected, “You’ve put a lot of trust and faith in me.”

Spidey pointed out that “the most important thing for him is that she trusts him to protect her.”

Spidey then gave some background on his experiences as a performer and mentalist. He explained how he studied magic, mentalism and performance and pointed out the difference in the way a magician or mentalist speaks to children.

“One of them is exaggerated facial expressions,” he said, as well as “a deliberate change in cadence and intonation.” He also noted the use of “exaggerated illustrators” or “the gestures we make to emphasize our points”.

He noted that when someone performing for adults uses the same gestures and tone as they would on a children’s show, it comes off as “very cheesy, very fake.” Spidey explained, “Adults don’t like being spoken to like that with kids. And we know that, we study that. We stay away from that.”

The expert then applied that knowledge to the way Meghan speaks.

“And that distinction, that fact that we know adults don’t like to be spoken to the way children are spoken to, is why I think a lot of people — even if they don’t really know why — don’t do it like Meghan does Markle,” Spidey shared. “Because she speaks the way you would speak to children.”

With that information, he returned to the clip to watch her tell the story about camping with Harry. She whispered and used larger hand gestures while describing the elephant outside her tent. “It’s so emphasized, it’s so overdone, it subconsciously feels fake,” he said.

Spidey continued, “And she doesn’t just do that when she’s telling stories, she often does that when she’s speaking. The facial expressions are exaggerated, the gestures are exaggerated. But then maybe she’ll start whispering at some point.”

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