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Bob Dylan shared the only things he looked forward to in life after achieving everything he set out to achieve

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In 1966, Bob Dylan was 24 years old and claimed he had achieved anything he wanted in life. A successful musician, he had met longtime hero Woody Guthrie and left his hometown behind on a smaller scale. However, under pressure, Dylan said he still hopes to accomplish a few things. While he didn’t come close to one, Dylan’s other goals were more attainable.

Dylan grew up in Hibbing, Minnesota. As a child, he ran away from home seven times and knew he had to leave the Midwest if he was to pursue his dreams.

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“[Growing up there] felt neither good nor bad. I knew there was something out there that I had to achieve,” Dylan said 60 minutes in 2004. “And it wasn’t where I was.”

Dylan moved to New York where he began a music career. He found success relatively quickly. After moving in 1961, he released his second album, The free roaming Bob Dylanin 1963. Since then he has released nearly 40 albums, won 10 Grammy Awards and received a Nobel Prize in Literature.

By 1966, Dylan had enjoyed only a few years of great success, but he said he had achieved everything he set out to achieve. In an interview with Playboy, he revealed what he still has to look forward to.

“Salvation,” he said, according to the book Dylan on Dylan: The Essential Interviews. “Just salvation.”

However, when pressured, Dylan was able to think of a few more goals for his future.

“Pray,” he said. “I would also like to start a cookbook magazine. And I always wanted to be a boxing referee. I want to officiate a heavyweight championship fight. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine any fighter in their right mind recognizing that me?”

It doesn’t appear that Dylan started a cookbook magazine unless he did it anonymously. However, he came closer to his other goals. For Dylan, prayer was easy to achieve. He converted to Christianity and began releasing music with strong religious themes.

Although he didn’t start a new career as a boxing referee, he did the next best thing by opening a members-only boxing gym in Santa Monica. He also invited former professional boxer Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini to train with him. Although Mancini didn’t hear much of Dylan’s music, he recognized the singer immediately.

“I looked around and there was this older, curly-haired guy across the gym wrapping his hands,” Mancini told the Daily Beast in 2021. “I realized it was Bob Dylan. To be honest, I wasn’t a huge Dylan fan. I mean I knew some of his songs like “Highway 61” and “Like a Rolling Stone” but that’s about it. Still, don’t get me wrong, even then I knew Dylan was an icon, someone who changed the way we see Rushmore, if we had one.”

Though he said he achieved anything he wanted by his early 20s, Dylan has still been able to achieve new goals over the years.

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