Sunday, November 27, 2022

Blythe Danner reveals she secretly battled and defeated the same cancer that killed husband Bruce Paltrow

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Blythe Danner had to undergo three surgeries to get rid of oral cancer while also opting for alternative treatments

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Legendary actress Blythe Danner revealed that she had been quietly battling the deadly cancer and was diagnosed with the same cancer that took the life of her husband, Bruce Paltrow, in 2002. In an interview that she had adenoid cystic cancer cancer and has been “fine and good” ever since.

“I felt very lightheaded and forgot everything. And then I felt a lump in my throat right where Bruce had found his [in 1999]’ Danner told People. She added, “Everyone is affected by cancer in some way, but it’s unusual for a couple to have the same cancer.” The 79-year-old actress shared her inner turmoil after being diagnosed with the same disease in March 2018, and shared saying she “looked up at the sky and said to Bruce, ‘Are you lonely up there?'” The illness. But now I’m fine and dandy. And I’m lucky to be alive.”


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Though it was tough on her system and she had to witness firsthand the struggle her husband had to endure with the same diagnosis, Danner says it never scared her. “I wasn’t shaking in my boots. You never get over a loss like that. Bruce was the heart of our family. And life is so much paler without him. But grief is the price we pay for love,” she claimed.

Danner works closely with the Oral Cancer Foundation, which aims to raise awareness of oral and oropharyngeal cancer. It is estimated that approximately 54,000 Americans are diagnosed each year. “Early sign screening by a dentist is quick, inexpensive and painless,” said Brian Hill, Executive Director of the Foundation. He also advocates vaccinating children against HPV, a virus that can cause cancer of the mouth.

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