Saturday, January 21, 2023

“Blue Bloods”: The family dinner scenes convinced Donnie Wahlberg to take over the show

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Blue blood debuted on television in 2010 and has since become one of the most popular police procedures. Featuring a star cast including television legend Tom Selleck, Bridget Moynahan and Donnie Wahlberg, Blue blood offers almost non-stop action and many intense storylines. However, it’s the family dinner scenes that really got fans mesmerized from the start. A hallmark of the series, these scenes are loved by both the cast and viewers. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Wahlberg revealed that it was those scenes that convinced him to take on the role of Danny Reagan in the first place.

Wahlberg, an accomplished actor and singer, has been in the entertainment industry for years. So it takes a special project to pique his interest. As Wahlberg revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Blue blood showed an important element that fascinated him from the jump. “The biggest thing people say is that they love the family dinner scenes,” Wahlberg revealed. “And that’s great for me, because when I first read the script, I wanted to do the show.”

In a 2016 interview with CBS News, Wahlberg expanded on this. “My original connection to the show was the family element,” he explained. “And, you know, when I read the family dinner scene and Danny argued with Bridget Moynahan’s character Erin, it reminded me of my sister Trixie.” The actor admitted that he saw his own family in the Reagan’s. And this echo of reality convinced him to sign his Blue blood Contract.

Wahlberg is not the only member of the Blue blood Cast who loves filming the dinner scenes. Selleck, who plays family patriarch Frank Reagan, appreciates how filming these scenes regularly brings the cast and crew together. “With our show we have a small meeting with the actors’ family every eight days, that’s how long we need for the shooting, in addition to the family dinner. I love all of these people and they’re good actors, so it’s kind of a double bonus. It’s hard work because you have to eat eight hours,” Selleck revealed CBS this morning.

While the scenes can be long to film, Selleck doesn’t mind the long hours. He said that between meals, he and the rest of the cast and crew take the opportunity to catch up on all of the week’s events. The food, which is real and provided by a catering company, is shared by the rest of the crew after the scenes are filmed.

The cast’s fun filming the dinner scenes needs to be reflected on screen. Because for most fans, it’s those moments of togetherness with the Reagan family that keep them coming back to the show week after week. The scenes are a throwback to many episodic TV shows of the past, when families made sure to get together to share a meal no matter what.

Blue blood is still going strong after more than a dozen years on the air. And it’s clear that the cast’s dedication to their television family has helped keep the series at the forefront. For Wahlberg, Selleck and the rest of the cast, the show is an affair of the heart.

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